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  1. I am at present using 2 x DB technologies active speaker that only have one input and no pass through connectors. The input is by XLR How can I add 2 more actives. Can I get a Y cable for each channel ??
  2. I am having a problem with a hum loop from my laptop power supply through the speakers. I only get it when the power supply is plugged in. I have found a cure by using an extension lead for the power supply and disconnecting the earth lead although I`m not keen on this idea, but European laptops dont always have and earth lead.
  3. Whats the difference between downloads and ripping cds. If I download MP3`s from a legal site, surely I don`t kneed Pro Dub license, so why do I need it if I rip from the cd to mp3. How will anyone know???
  4. I have been playing with VDJ home version for a while now and find it really good. I have just bought a DJ controller but find that VDJ will not work with external controllers unless you upgrade to the Full Pro version. Unfortunatley it is about £250. I`ve tried Serato intro but that only works with a controller and doesn`t have any PC controls. Traktor LE is also quite good but has anyone used the Traktor 2 that retails for £80. Is it much better than LE.?? I would like to stay with VDJ but not at that price.
  5. I have been using the free basic version of VDJ and realy love it, but recently bought a controller and find that a controller is not usable with it. Mailed tech and was told to buy Full pro version but it is about £250. Some dj`s have been using VDJ LE that came with some hardware but it cant be used unless you have the original serial No. Any comments please.
  6. Recently I have purchased many new electrical items that have the Europlug or even the American ones. I don`t know why Chauvet and ADJ still supply equipment to the UK with wrong connectors. I usually buy new IEC leads from WWW.Kenable.co.uk. You can then get the length you need and prices are very good and fast delivery. They supply mains leads, XLR, DMX and many others. I use them all the time. Trouble is I have a large collection of spare leads with Europlugs now.
  7. If your cables are IEC leads with wrong mains plug just go to WWW.Kenable.co.uk and buy new leads. All lengths available. I use then all the time.
  8. www.Kenable.co.uk can supply euro adaptors and reasonable price. Use them all the time for mic, xlr, dmx and mains connectors and ready made leads. Very fast delivery.
  9. Just trawling through old threads and came across the one about mini-discs. I always have a full size Kenwood with me as a back up and for music during dinner etc. Find it really usefull. Just wish it was easier to input the track info on them. Also I`ve recorded mp3 track in bulk with no problem.
  10. I would like to swap my passive speakers for active and would like to know how low windup speaker stands go before raising. I do not want to upset my back anymore.
  11. I believe that NADJ need PAT certs before membership is issued. Musicguard do not.
  12. I am having trouble with some of my playlists on USB memory sticks. Often the PC of laptop does not find the device without rebooting, not convenient at a gig. Has anyone found a reliable solution to this problem. Aslo I suppose I am supposed to use the "safely remove" icon to disconnect a usb device, again not convenient.
  13. I am a very mature Dj, been Dj-ing since 1970 playing all types of music for parties and events. I prefer gigs where I can use lighting to best effect. Struggling to get to grips with DMX.
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