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  1. Years back i built my setup based on advice from this group & went for the EVL spins / scans & micro controller. I decided to move with the times & go with LED lighting from ADJ but the hand controller is a joke. Can you guys reccomend a fairly simple but effective controller for 2 adj inno scan hp / 2 inno roll hp / chauvet megatrix / powerflower Hope all u guys are well, its been a while!!
  2. my backup is a 2nd laptop which is virtually band new, along with an 16gb mp3 player.
  3. This is a quick warning to those of you that may be seeing supposedly cheap branded lighting fx on ebay etc... In China (I have been told) there is no copyright law - so many big brands are being copied and exported here without the end user knowing sometimes - which could mean the real brand wont repair or recognise the product. My girlfriend purchased a Canon 7D digital camera from Digital revolution last year - a massive online camera retailer based in Honk Kong - she has recently tried to insure it but cannot do so because Canon have confirmed its not genuine! Anyway... I have found 2 p
  4. I believe PCDJ provide in house training and will clean and configure your DJ computer for you £100 i believe - its all on the pcdj website just thought id add it because for some people that could be very useful!
  5. Cheers for that Mickey, I just got a very good deal from dv247 so its gonna be with me within a fortnight! Last night i discovered on the denon dj forum that a firmware upgrade was released in Feb which has resolved some of the main teething problems as you say. Im already a traktor pro user so thats a bonus but i am going to get vdj pro when finances allow, it seems to be more well suited to mobile djing to me & karaoke support is a big bonus. I feel the same as you in regards to the case - i really dont like the idea of having a laptop between myself and the audience - i think s
  6. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has tried and tested the denon dn-mc6000 midi/audio controller? I am really keen to buy one but i have just read on another forum that it may crash due to midi signal overload.... NOT GOOD!! Apparently Denon are working on a firmware upgrade to fix this - before i buy this unit i really need to know other peoples experiences with it. (Especially after the nightmare VMS4 Letdown) If you are also considering this unit, i would like to highlight that it can be bought from the US for £550 delivered but it wont come with a UK power supply & the warranty will
  7. Nice one - i would do the same but just couldnt risk loosing that warranty - RCF are seeing to em right now so im hoping to have it back within the next 3 weeks. Thread lock sounds interesting! Will have to investigate that stuff! (Lets hope RCF are using it!)
  8. cheers guys, i have been with traktor for so long it just feels wrong to change but virtual dj seems to be a much better option for the mobile dj so when the time is right i think ill get it. In fact i like the sound of PCDJ VJ too!!! Have just bought Karaoki which is a great program too.
  9. Hello! JKust to apdate on my RCF 325A purchase. Thanks for all the DJs here reccomending RCF along with a local sound engineer i bought the 325a's and i can report that they are very good performers. I found them a bit awkward at forst as i was taking them out of their covers for gigs but soon realised i could keep them in their covers on stands (duh) and thats made them a lot more practical. I was a bit dissapointed that there were no eq controls but buying a mixer with hardware eqs solved that. Sadly after 2 or 3 months use one of them has been returned due to the compression driver comi
  10. I dont think the mp3 comes with the cdg file though but anyone who buys a track can download each format.
  11. Hi guys, easy karaoke are doing ahalf price karaoke downloads right now - just thought i would let you know as i bought a load of tracks last night. Bear in mind that they only supply downloads in 2 formats, WMV and MP4. http://www.easykaraoke.com/
  12. I think recommended venues for the client would be good checklist of services offered by disco disco should have their own page with videos (see entertainaz site) clients should be able to leave feedback (hopefully positive!) site should be setup and run by non profit making body eg musicians union site should cover all live professional entertainers site should charge subscription but no other one off fees for enquiries Thats about it!
  13. Hi guys, I am subscribed with ukdisco and ********* -these are the top 2 on google under "mobile disco" My findings are: Sep 2007 - Oct 2008- got 3 or 4 gigs from uk disco (Started subscription that year) 2008 - Oct 2009 - Maybe 1 enquiry, no bookings ******** - member since 2009 Had 2 or 3 enquiries but no bookings. I have not renewed with UK Disco due to the complete lack of enquiries, despite the fact they are still doing very well on google!!! I asked them for a more competetive quote but all i got was generic based replies and i hate that kind of customer service. Fo
  14. well thanks for all that guys i love this forum - id rather give the money to you guys your more helpful than any insurer ever will probably be! Going to ring around tomorrow and hopefully get a reasonable deal. I am still really intrigued by the amount of musical performers that probably have the wrong insurance!
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