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  1. Always interesting to re-read old posts. 2½ years later and I still don’t fully trust notebooks, however 99% of everything I play is still via a notebook. I always have two notebooks up and running, and plugged into the mixer. Notebook one controls our Emulator screen and playing via a USB sound card. Notebook two is plugged in via a Denon 4500. I still carry the Denon 9000 cd players, just in case. Just can’t have enough back-up
  2. Derek Paul

    The Music Game

    "Pearl's a Singer" Elkie Brooks (or is that a stretch)
  3. I had the same problem with my notebooks, and like BriMac I did not want to cut the earth plug out. As an experiment I did take a 1 foot extension cable without an earth plug and used that to connect the notebook. Just as Fester said “problem solved and no issues without earth to the notebook”. However I still did not like the idea of removing an earth connection that the manufacture has installed. So I solved the problem in two different ways. For my back-up notebook I use an Ebtech Hum-X. I am in the USA and have been unable to find an equivalent product for 240v systems in the U
  4. I have not heard of them, do you have a link to their website?
  5. Two quick stories, Fire Alarm first Back in the late 90’s I was playing a large conference room in the West Midlands. Over 500 attendees, dinner finished, orchestra finish, and its party time. The dance floor’s packed and everyone’s having a great time, when the fire alarm sounds. The whole hotel empties onto the car park, my 500 guest plus all the hotel guests. At some point word starts to spread that it was the “DJ’s Smoke Machine”. Now yes I was using a smoke machine, but I had checked with the facility that is was OK. However there is no way to explain that to the 100’s of disgr
  6. Hi QC, Welcome to the forum. Look forward to reading your posts. Like you most of my posts are in the early morning hours. However I now live and DJ in California so it might not seem like it.
  7. Totally agree, great story and that’s the way to introduce yourself. I have been DJing for over 30 years (can't believe that), but I am still learning, so I am sure you will be teaching as well as learning.
  8. I'm Afraid Fester is right, in order to help we need to know how the speaker plugs are wired. You could do this with a meter, but opening the back and taking a look is easier. No need to mess with anything at this point. I also think Fester is probably correct about modifications. If the internal wiring had not been changed your initial “Speakon - ¼ Inch Through” should have worked.
  9. Originally for the West Midlands, I now live and work in a ski resort in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California. It is a huge destination wedding market in the summer, However when you ask "What have I been doing lately" the answer is "Not a lot." There is only limited work in the winter. We have already played at a number of corporate events and weddings this year; however our wedding season really started this last weekend. Our next weekend without at least one wedding is November 17th
  10. Hi Rick Welcome to the forum, look forward to reading your posts.
  11. Hi Frank Welcome to the forum, look forward to reading your posts.
  12. I also had a Citronic Hawaii for sometime, and loved it. However my favorite "Oldie" was my Cloud Series 9. Had to be the best duel deck of it time
  13. Hi Sue Welcome to the forum. I can not help with your insurance question (I am now working in the USA). However I think you should be commended for thinking about this in the right way. Many new/hobby DJ's never get round to asking about insurance.
  14. Hi Dan Welcome to the forum, look forward to reading your posts
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