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  1. I totally agree. Ive had the same problem with gas fitters not calling back, it could be me lol. Ill give them a call monday if not as I really do fancy one of these stands or Ill find my nearest stockist and take a drive. Thanks :dukesy:
  2. I did email them yesterday morning and its now saturday morning and still no answer!! I also need the full height of the curtain kit that fixs to it? I ask as i am 6'7 and dont want to look like a side show at some bodies wedding I dont have any local dj shops that stock to see one or I would...
  3. Hi On the verge of buying a ultimax 1.2m DJ stand without overhead with the new curtain kit. Is there any of you guys using this stand? as I cant get the full spec on it from anywhere!! Im looking for the full height of the stand, not the shelf height the overall height, can anyone help? Mnay thanks.. :-)
  4. Found a local electronics repairs company going to take a look, will update when ive been done lol
  5. No the unit is compleatly dead, fuse is fine. Changed the lead and nada!!
  6. Hi.. Anybody know where I can get one repaired, worked one night didnt the next!!!! Or shall I bin it and buy another lol stu
  7. Dont have that problem. I use cue automix, is propa belta....
  8. Hi, been asked to start a quiz night at my resi, thing is never done one for 5 years+ and all my packs etc etc have all gone. Looking for some help on format or old quiz's you wanna pass on..
  9. Another thread on this great light. What is the best show number you guys use when dmx'd together. I ve been using show 10 but what do you use?
  10. correct, smooth side on the outside. I ve popped mine out on many occasions :ads:
  11. On the 19th december in milton keynes, its a 16th birthday party and I have a playlist. Pm me for details...
  12. Im still using swift, bulletproof....
  13. Tune Billy paul - only the strong will survive
  14. Glad I didnt pick that gig up, good luck...
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