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  1. Ha yeah, Played this the other day and one guy looked over and I could see him saying "Really?"
  2. Nope, nope, nope! Never have, never will!!
  3. Few weeks ago, engagement party. Set up, people started arriving, the only person to bother talking to me was the venue manager. He had no idea as to the timings etc. So there I am at 8pm sitting there with background music on, room 3/4 full of people thinking, what time shall I start with loud music etc? Everyone there was of the older generation, anyway half past 8, I went for it, lights on, loud music, got people dancing. 9:30, everyone in the room left. No jokes when I say the only 2 people in the room left were me and the woman behind the bar! We looked at each other in dis
  4. On average, how much do you spend on music every month?
  5. Try getting yourself a copy of Clubland Classix and Clubland Classix 2!! Have a quick skip through them and there are a few songs with good rhythm and suitable. Now 70/71/72/73 are not bad.
  6. Got to say - I'm tempted to get an LED display inviting requests by SMS. Any ideas of prices?
  7. Bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. Guy in a local shop tried to charge £180 - Knocked him down to £130. (Otherwise I was buying off the internet.) Used it 3 times now. Very impressed with it. Well worth the money. Would recommend to anyone looking for a room filling, cost effective, sound activated LED. I use this purely on sound activated programme - I have no DMX controllers at all. Used it at 3 different venues. 1 venue was huge, biggest I've played at so far and filled the room excellently, the others were reasonably small rooms and maybe I could have cut out a
  8. Just to let you know, I've finished the English translation within the last few hours and http://www.radioglangwili.co.uk is now available in English aswell as Welsh.
  9. My old mixer's crossfader failed on me once. I had a 2 channel cheap thing with me, but I could have survived if I'd have needed to.
  10. Recieved a playlist for last Tuesday night about 4 A4 pages long. It was a school leavers prom (16 yrs old). I went through the playlist, stuck everything I had from it on an iTunes playlist, it came to 3 hrs and a half... I didn't have about half the tracks due to them being very obscure, and I recieved this playlist 2 weeks prior to the date so being 16 yrs old, it's pretty much guaranteed that they're going to be in to the Top 40, so 3 and a half hours without touching the latest Top 40 and without half the tracks. I then recieved a programme of events. Ridiculous. Wanted me set u
  11. I build websites as a bit of a hobby. Depends on how complicated you want it to get. Examples of my work so far: http://www.swanseadistrictrefs.co.uk http://www.radioglangwili.co.uk (On that one, only the "CYMRAEG" or Welsh version is done, but it should give you a reasonable idea. The translation is currently being worked on.) I also have another project on the go.
  12. I have one of these next week. Stick cheesy usually works, stuff like: Cha cha slide, Macarena etc. Then maybe some stuff from the most recent Now albums, maybe Rihanna, Flo Rida etc. Get them playing games if you want - Arches is usually good, Musical statues etc.
  13. Any experiences with this? Looks and sounds like a good piece of kit...
  14. Quite worrying for CD users in amongst us... Not very surprised though.
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