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1st Weekend Of September

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Start on Thursday for me with a 18th and a golden wedding joint party... SHould be fun two complete different request lists!


Friday - cover work for an agency


Saturday - 70th Birthday


Also got work (part time) on fri and sat during the day.


Busy times...


Songs to try and play:

50s Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire

60s Roy Orbison - Pretty Women

70s T-Rex - 20th Century Boy

80s David Bowie - The Reflex

90s Republica - Ready To Go

00s Girls Of FHM - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

10s Tinie Tempah - Pass Out


Over to you...


(Oh and I like suggesting songs if you hadn't guessed!

GDK Entertainments

Raising The Standards In Entertainment

M 0783 529 5169

E info@gdkentertainments.co.uk

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Don't you mean first weekend of September? :)



This weekend I will mostly be fixing things, giving my poles a good polishing, test driving stuff (subwoofer ahoy), and err... well all that maintenance stuff which just seems to get left repeatedly...


Tonight I'll be going to pick up the aforementioned active subwoofer, and popping into a venue (even though the deposit hasn't come back yet, for a gig at the end of the month).


I'll also be testing my bargain datamoon flightcase which came with a brand new controller, lead & 5-pin dmx lead.. cost me 35 off djkit off fleabay... the controller alone goes for about that much !





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DJ David Graham

Tel: 01204 537716 / 01942 418415

Email: hello@djgraham.co.uk

FB: http://facebook.com/djdavidgraham

Web: [under construction - it really is coming soon :)]

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Friday - Hopefully the sale of my flat will complete - been 10 months sorting out issues with the lease. Three lots of solicitors who didn't seem capable of communicating with each other, pushy estate agents and an extra 10 months mortgage payments - absolute nightmare! (luckily the buyer is an absolute diamond and stuck with me all the way through it).


Saturday - Dj'ing a friends wedding.


Sunday - going to see how our new rescue lurcher, Tess, behaves off the lead at our local park (they have a very large fenced off area where dogs can run free).

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Friday, wedding in a Marquee at a hotel in Redbourn.

Saturday, wedding at Sopwell House St Albans.

The oldest swinger in town....... probably. Happy Easter.. well I have seen easter eggs in the shops

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Started last night with Karaoke residency, busy one too...


Friday.............. Youth Video Disco in local nightclub, thousands of pounds worth of Martin lighting to play with too yipee

Saturday.......... 21st party, no playlist or anything out of the ordinary, video disco with photo display and maybe Karaoke


Sunday R & R




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Friday small local wedding at a golf club


Saturday marquee wedding in Kent, suspend lighting truss from apex early afternoon, add fill-in speakers for speeches, do background music, then get down and boogie choonz till 1130 with a $%^%$£ sound limiter arggghhh

The best DJ between Littlehaven Station and the Rusper Road in Horsham - Probably....

MY disco website CHEAP DJ PLI amongst several others ;-)

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On Thursday I arrived to setup during the afternoon and went back on the evening. This was great as I got a bath and that. :D


Massive room for the joint do. Pictures of the setup:



To the left of the photo is the caterers stuff.



Behind the gear.



Cables! Lol


Didn't get any dancing photos due to poor turn out, and the room (esp the dance floor) looked empty.

Also there wasn't many drinkers as she will be one of the oldest in her year at school. Suprised a lot of them danced to be honest.



Friday was OK, nothing great. Was work for an agency and my god it was tight setup in a local pub. Didn't have a lot of singers was expecting more. I also kicked off a bit late due to match being on. Finished at 1am, then went off to town to meet a rather durnken other half.


Saturday was a funny old night.

Picture of the setup


Had the par bar on the opptosite side of the room.


Not many dancers, but got a lot of compliments for music etc. Most of the night I had two dancers.

Got a massive round of applause at the end, one of the biggest I've had.


And over the weekend I didn't play Girls Of FHM or Time Tempha!

GDK Entertainments

Raising The Standards In Entertainment

M 0783 529 5169

E info@gdkentertainments.co.uk

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Nice one last night. Got there mega early as was worried about traffic.

Venue was Greenwich Yacht Club, with about 80 guests.

The venue is nice, with a patio area overlooking the Thames and decking around the perimeter.

The Bar is in a separate area, but it wasn't a problem keeping bodies in the dance area - but this will vary with the crowd.



Manager was nice and friendly. Had a chat about the day, and he was a nice chap.


Set-up was a bit interesting (potentially squashed by tables), so decided to put speakers & lighting to one side, with the booth in the corner. This avoided blocking the emergency exit, and also having speakers directly either side of the booth.


This did mean bringing cables over a doorway, but otherwise worked well.


We made full use of the in-house mirrorball for the 1st dance :-) and then used main lighting in master/slave mode.

I used 2 par-64s to light behind the speakers, and speakers were simply 2 x Mackies, which were fine for the room.


We had a playlist from the bride, all good crowd-friendly selection or oldies, 80's, 90's, modern etc.

Had a few quiet spots on the dancefloor, but mainly busy all night.


They went mad for "madonna's Holiday", a nice happy tune, so glad it went down well!

They enjoyed the 90's set, and had an old couple wanting to leave, but also didn't want to stop dancing! They stayed until the end - bless!





Another chat with the manager, who requested a few cards, and asked how much my rates were.

I think I'll follow up the chat with an email, was a nice venue with good stafff, so would like to play there again!




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