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  1. I have just bought a new mixer, so My DN-X050 is for sale, Only a few months old, been rackmounted all it's life £150 delivered if ya interested
  2. the only reason any band is dropped is because they don't make enough money for the record company Major labels are not interested in developing a career, it's all about a fast buck I have a couple of friends who work at record companies, they feel Guitar based stuff is coming to the end of it's popularity, and are looking for the next big trend They feel it's gonna be disco again, and are looking for new oroginal disco bands
  3. Andy, It's the same for me, I have confirmed 6 this week, at the moment 2009 is gonna be a very busy year for me
  4. I have three weddings this week, and two of them have asked for christmas songs
  5. If I get a request it's either Suspicious Mindsa or A Little Less Conversation
  6. the reason there are no funny & entertaining programmes at christmas, is because there are none of these programmes on at all all we have on the TV is reality type shows, so that's what we get at christmas
  7. Hi, I have quite a few of these, which are really easy to use with a CA-8 or their own controller, but I want to set some of them up on one colour in stand alone mode, without connecting via DMX etc is this possible
  8. The Numark DMC2 will control the software as well, I have one for sale on ebay Have A Look
  9. I may be wrong, but R Kelly was found innocent, as was Michael Jackson
  10. I use a pair of Maxx 5a's, and love them, as you say theu have full EQ on the back of each speaker
  11. I have an enquiry from a regular venue for the following dates which are confirmed Nov 1st Nov 8th Nov 28th Dec 5th Dec 6th Dec 9th Dec 10th Dec 11th Dec 12th Dec 15th Dec 16th Dec 17th Dec 18th Dec 20th Dec 21st Dec 22nd Dec 23rd Jan 3rd Jan 9th these dates could be added but they are not quite sold out yet Nov 27th Dec 1st Dec 3rd Dec 4th Dec 7th Dec 14th Dec 19th Jan 16th the venue is in Essex, set up by 7pm, background from 7.45pm - 10.30pm ish, then dancing until 12.45am most nights you can leave you
  12. they are a great pair of speakers, my wife used them for singing
  13. I DJ at quite a lot of charity events, most of them also hire me to run the auction as well, and some people have hired me just as the auctioneer. I always charge my full fee, although sometimes I will put additional sound systems or projectors in for free. If I am to be the auctioneer, I will also charge a little extra, I do this because I am very good at auctions, many people tell me they can't believe the amount I get for some items, the most I ever raised in one auction was £75,000 I must say that all my charity work, is at ball's etc where they realise that they have to spe
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