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  1. While I agree with some of your points analyst, I was very careful to say, and he was very careful to do RE-RIPPING, not transcoding. So yeah, obviously there is nothing to be gained from transcoding uprate, we kinda all know that, except maybe for raw beginners, so maybe your point may prove useful to them. I can tell the difference between 320 and WAV and 320 and lower bitrates. I use LAME, virtually everybody I know does. EAC is falling off its perch for ripping against the new WMP though. Check out modern audiophile forums for a lot of dissatisfaction with EAC and the way it handl
  2. I know that my hearing is more sensetive to compression effects than many people. I say this because my response will be atypical of your crowd and you may want to bear that in mind. When I say "compression effects" here I include both the MP3 compression, and the lack of dynamic range and resolution induced by low-end sound cards. I have never come across a laptop soundcard that sounded good. I think the Creatives are not great either. When a friend of mine upgraded to a Mya I could tell even though I didn't have access to the DJ box during the night. The resolution and dynamics were so
  3. QUOTE (Corabar Steve @ Jul 14 2006, 01:39 PM) I'm sprised by the reactions about this shirt. Have none of you seen them before???? I suspect some of this is leg-pulling, but I have to say I am surprised too at the reactions, some of which I feel may be genuine. Once it doesn't make your face look washed out, I'd say go for it. The colouring is very strong though if your complexion can't take it.
  4. About the only real point you can make about clothing is that if you do not have a "warm" face then you shouldn't wear "warm" colours and vice versa. After that it's all cultural, both national cultures and subcultures, like hippyism. Wearing feathers to an OPEC meeting is not a good idea, wearing a Saville Row suit to a peacecamp is probably just as bad. Therefore, if you are starting to go grey, or have blonde hair, then the shirt will look ridiculous. The reason women wear such a variety of colour compared to men is that they wear makeup. Politicians throughout the world are n
  5. The sad excuse for what passes for manuals these days is just lamentable. They are written by marketing and legal departments only with an eye to both "spinning" the product and not getting sued for anything. Better to give no advice than risk any kind of law suit. Of course there's always the great cop out "consult a qualified electrician"... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/fear.gif
  6. OK, couple of comments to throw in here. There are 2Ohm "capable" and 2Ohm"enabled" amps. 2 Ohm "capable" may be run for short periods of time in 2 Ohm. This means that they are ideal as a kind of backup...or another use...when clubs are empty before midnight and suddenly fill up biggo between 12 &1 then everyone starts ordering taxis. Back in the days when amp designers were young the real purpose of this setup was that certain bands had warm up acts, then the "big show" then finished up on hand-waving numbers ballads etc. It was often in the terms and conditions of the licence
  7. I think it all depends really on the person. Some challenge "authority", some want to be authority. Some just genuinely can't see the point in the music that you're playing. People have got a lot less polite in these islands in the last 10 years or so, it's sad. Sometimes I feel threatened by some authority-challenger/enforcer types. I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, is it just around here? They can be extremely aggressive and shape-throwing. In that situation I can just throw shapes back. NEVER anything verbal though, quoteable quotes are asking for trouble. I can just f
  8. Hi Richard. Sorry for not answering sooner, the last couple of days have been sooooo busy! (great!). I normally visit my sites in a particular order, but lately I things have been going crazy and I don't get around to DJU, so I came here first tonight! I am based in Ireland. By chance I looked at the latest Clubland album online and they are not as bad as they were before, so maybe my comment was a bit out of place. Some of the earlier ones weren't great.
  9. Wow, reading this post just reminds me what a rut non-RnB music has fallen into. 49ers was a great track! Romanthony - Now That You've Left Me Bjork - Big Time Sensuality Who did the one "I'm having a heart attack....are you ready now"? Seminal at the time, don't think it would go down well now... SL2 Any Track Bizarre Inc..Such A Feeling....way better than playing with knives, although that was great too Pamela Fernandez - Kickin' In The Beat K-Klass = Rhythm Is A Mystery Bassheads - Is There Anyone Out There? Rishing High Collective - Fever Called Love Fire Islan
  10. This will vary an awful lot according to your audience. I think that although people are trying to be helpful, none of those tracks would work at all at my crowds, more's the pity... In some locations it is a Clubland scene..on the fringes of the city here they go down really well, but I can't stand them. I don't really do those kind of gigs, but through friends of friends you end up having to and you can't punish the audience for their taste. More often what people want is Tiesto type stuff. Around here at least the taste is very much shaped by the local commerical dance station, whi
  11. There are two entirely plausible explanations for this: a) They don't like the contract...either they are going to try and do a runner or they don't sign legal mumbo-jumbo...a lot of businesses do that, if they are unsure about a contact they just ignore it. Remember punters hear all the time about unfair contracts and bad banks and bad phone companies and they MAY think "now the DJs are at it...".... b) Equally possible, given the recorded delivery debacle, either you took the addie down wrong, or the post office has some kind of systems failure and for example, no postman knows how to
  12. QUOTE I assume that the bit about Judith Hann was a mickey-take? Yes, a reference to the sadly-defunct Tomorrow's World, which was very popular not just elsewhere in Europe, but worldwide. QUOTE it's certainly not in the Red Book spec that a CD player should be able to read through holes. Look, chap, I REALLY don't know much about the Red Book. But...I have seen this done. A tech drilled a hole in a disc to demonstrate what good work he had done on a CD player of mine that wouldn't recognize discs because...because...oh you know...all the usual Polava you get from DJ CD companies...wro
  13. Hey Super. Hope it's going fine your end. The small claims court can be a pain, but you will find the suits of the business rarely can endure it. They don't like dealing with "little people" and once they discover that they can't arrive late, blurt everything out to the judge in one-minute-manager speak and leave early, they tend to just give up. I always find that a little reminder, real friendly, that anything said in court can be republished ad nauseum with the aid of a photocopier helps to focus the mind also. However I must query your Arbiter story. I don't know about CDGs, bu
  14. This used to REALLY annoy me back in the 80s. While some karaoke companies produce all klonkers, even the "good" companies do some absolutely fiendish things to the songs, cut out whole verses, etc etc. Well, unfortunately the answer is that the music industry is in the thrall of the "Big 5" record companies. The Big 5 have some extremely strange attitudes to their business, although they would say that it works, so they must be right. Part of this is that they market via singers. They do not at all welcome karaoke. They barely tolerate the whole idea of a DJ, who they basically vi
  15. Hmm. I wonder if all this is being sensible. Yes the twaddle about being perfect is to be expected from Pioneer it's what they all say. Even when a CD plays in one side of a machine that has a second drawer and doesn't play in the other. Been there done that a thousand times with all the major. Yes, the twaddle from the Sapphires is to be expected. That's all any of them ever do, with the exception of Thomann, who are variable on the issue of believing manufacturer excuse-lists, but do have a no quibble refund in about the first 30 days. Yes, legally the shop is responsible to sell wo
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