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  1. Or a small tub with long grain rice works as well, as is cheaper and easier to get.
  2. Hi All I'm looking for suggestions for songs with a recognisable keyboard, guitar or drum section for a round in a pop quiz so guitar could be guns and roses - sweet child of mine or europe - the final countdown, which could also be used for the keyboards at the start or bruce hornsby - the way it is and for drums something like phil collins - in the air tonight or culture club - victims. I'm sure that there are plenty of songs out there and when I hear one I go must remember that one and as usual when I sit down to edit them I've forgotten which ones they are, so I'm hoping that you
  3. The other thing to remember is, unlike a function where the same people are there for the whole night, pubs/clubs tend to have a transient audience who can be there for the whole night or just a couple of hours. I always found that the current songs had to be played two or three times a night for those who had recently come in but might seem as repeating yourself if you are there all night. As Minty Dave said, if you have 1000 customers a week and a few complaints, I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. bigMCben

    The Music Game

    That's exactly the song I had in mind when I put my previous post. :ads: George Michael - FATHER Figure
  5. bigMCben

    The Music Game

    Same word twice in a row..........cheeky, and you've not exactly left a lot of choice!!! ON a Ragga Tip - SL2
  6. bigMCben

    The Music Game

    Blackberry WAY - The Move
  7. bigMCben

    The Music Game

    Wakin up in VEGAs - Katy Perry :lame:
  8. I have a haze machine with a variable output. The light haze fluid works ok but it goes through a lot. The heavy stuff lasts longer but 'as it say on the tin', is thicker. I can turn the output but it's not that adjustable, so could I dilute the haze fluid with ionised water?
  9. bigMCben

    The Music Game

    ANOTHER Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd
  10. That's definitely the best advice around. It's so hard to listen for the odd 'f' here and there, particularly with the speed some of these rappers go at.
  11. I got a bit confused when you said you were from Hampshire as I was expecting somewhere in Scotland, but then I read the title as another Scotsman joining the forum. DOH!
  12. Just play the song you used for them walking up. That's what award shows on the telly do.
  13. Not sure if this will lead you to a solution, but there is a similar problem with the HD-2500 when using a playlist. If you have more than 12 songs in a playlist and you then 'fiddle' with the other player whilst the playlist is running, it shows that it's moved on to the next song, but the audio is whatever the 2nd track in your playlist is. It was stated that it was a software glitch and it would appear that you have something similar where the glitch takes you to your default song, originally My Way but when you've reformatted the drive, the location of your default song is now ABBA. You
  14. bigMCben

    The Music Game

    Band On The Run - Wings
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