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  1. I've had my soundlab colourscans for a few years now and have been really pleased with them. Came with their own flightcase and everything. They have proved more reliable than my Martin lighting, which I have had to get rid of apart from my Acrobat.
  2. I have a dedicated laptop that has had everything uninstalled on it apart the programs that are needed to operate the laptop. It is a Sony Vaio and has quite a high spec. I use a Numark DMC 2 with mine on mobile gigs, and use a Rane Serato SL1 on virtual DJ on the club scene. I have tried most software that is out there, and find Virtual DJ the best one for me. The only problem I have found, is that it is too easy to download a "Home" version from their website, and many people or DJ "wannabes" have downloaded. I get comments like "thats virtual DJ, I have that at home" When I am p
  3. And I believe you were right lol :Thumbup:
  4. I have considered getting the Indigo 150 Moving heads, They are really good priced, and after seeing them at my local circus I was very impressed. Showtec Indigo 150 Moving Head
  5. In my past experience, a night can never be planned ahead for entirely. I always carry all of my CD's and 2TB Hard Drive running Rane Serato. I think the best option is as above, invest in a laptop and some decent software
  6. My Source Hydrahaze never seems to have a problem. Although I feel it is not powerful enough, and I have to have it set to running constantly. You can see the light beams where the machine is positioned. After about a meter from the lights it disappears. I have found this to of been the best option and have never set any alarms off using it.
  7. It is a with a company similar to Big Yellow Storage. They offered me a unit for a very good price. The idea was to clear my house out of all DJ gear but it has once again started to fill up lol.
  8. The ADJ Revo 4's are good. But I managed to find a light thats exactly the same. In fact I think the KAM ones are brighter and have more built in functions. http://images.getinthemix.co.uk/30/1329221119_99.jpg Have seen some of these on eBay for sale brand new for £80-£90. I have 2 of these and am very chuffed with them. :funjokeandlaugh:
  9. The last 21st Birthday Party I did, their in-house DJ was there to watch me setup to make sure that I did not use any of his equipment or plug into any of it. I did point out that my Peavey UL Subs and Tops were more sufficient and would not need to plug into his 12" Skytec Speakers lol. He was very angry that even though he comes included as the price of the hall, the birthday girl had paid extra as she wanted me to DJ for her. The entire time I was setting up the DJ was going on and on about me stepping on his toes. Another time I had set my equipment up at the side of the stage, wi
  10. Hi, I sat down and typed all my listings out into Excel. I must point out this did take a very long time indeed. Now I am up to date I only have to add the new ones in as and when I get them. I did lose faith in the capacity of being able to type every single disc out so did use this software to generate the last 20 discs: http://www.airwer.com/ Worth every penny !
  11. I considered buying a UPS Power Supply to run the CD Players, Mixer and computer equipment from. So when the power does cut, it would only take seconds to be up and running again after resetting the system. Normally I would always try and plug the amplifier, mixer, CD Player and the computer etc into a socket not connected to the limiter and then plug everything else into the sockets that are connected to it. So if I was to hit the exceeded limit that it would only be a minimal impact. I do have a compression limiter so I may use that next time (instead of it being in the rackmount
  12. Exactly the same here! I realised last week that I had 12 mixers, 40 Disco effects, 30 Par 56 cans etc. I have had to get a storage unit to put my equipment in. I just buy equipment if its on a special offer in a shop or I see something going cheap on eBay. Last week I listed all of this equipment and have sold the lot, but today am going through all the packing and posting it. Nice to know I am not the only one lol :Thumbup:
  13. I totally agree. I still use my 24v 250Watt scanners and DMX Twisters. I did buy a couple of the American DJ Comscans but sold them on as the brightness was nowhere near my existing scanners. However I have bought a couple of these units: KAM LED RGBW CONCEPT DMX http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/stk_img_med/L/E/D/LEDCONCEPT.JPG I have been very pleased with these lights. I always tend to use my older lighting but take two of these units out so I can alternate between these and the twisters. LED effects are getting much better, but personally I would only go for
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