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  1. Welcome back Welcome back Welcome back
  2. Apart from being an epic job, i feel that you need to put some research into this beforehand - I started ripping my collection around 8 years ago - I can't remember at the time if 320Kbs was available via Itunes or i just felt at the time that 192Kbs was sufficient, anyhow i did all of them in 192Kbs.. A few years later 192 was not good enough for me so re-ripped as much as i could to 320. Now with the price of backup media being very good i would love to rip to wav.. Also have a good look for some additional tools such as Platinum Notes which cleans up and enhances the mp
  3. Compared to what i had and what i got for them (literally trading in a few old mobile phones at Cash Convertors) i am very happy.. I'm not using them for Monitoring purposes - literally for a decent sound out of my home media player. I am very impulsive - I know if i had taken more time researching and waiting for bids etc on ebay i could have found something a lot better ( I see the HS80M on google is around £195 B stock for instance).. (*edit Just checked again and that was for 1!) My life is one big budget at the moment! plus i did manage to find one mention of these speakers ye
  4. What? you mean Nuclear Power plants are not run on Vista with a copy of AVG Free for protection lol, i agree Jas, Cheers Steve
  5. Another way of looking at it is - Air traffic control use computers, most trains have computers on board, the Banking system runs on computers and i presume a nuclear power station is operated partly by computers... etc etc ... anyway i don't really know where i am going with this one! With the price of Laptops these day's, having a clone copy laptop on standby is a fairly cheap backup solution and it maybe more practical in the event of a tragedy rather than doing a whole gig using an ipod.
  6. Well i purchased them today (got them down to £150 for the pair). (I struggled to find any reviews on line - i gave up after page 6 of google results) Very very impressed, lovely clear proper & decent sound with great bass, very loud and they look good. The whole 2nd hand cash converter thing is a bit of a worry but fingers crossed. My only gripe is that i have to use two power leads/plug sockets to power the thing/s which may seem a bit over the top for home use!
  7. I just want a decent good sounding speakers which i can use for my home media (Music) system - I have various 5.1 powered systems (from the likes of creative etc) but wanted to go one step further in terms of sound quality and loudness!! I have some decent home amps but i really want to do away with the amps and have a powered speaker solution. (HTFR for example always have a big section on "Powered monitor speakers" - which has always interested me)
  8. Hi guys & gals, I am looking for a decent pair of powered speakers for home / Studio - very tight budget so looking at the second hand route. Happen to be browsing in the local Cash Converters store and the have several pairs of Intimidation XS5 speakers like these for £170 however the salesperon reckons the manager can get do a discount.. My knowledge of powered speakers is nil. i have always been passive. - Are they any good? anyone used these or similar? - i noticed that both speakers were powered? is that right - i was presuming one would be powered and the ot
  9. Very Wrong! Good if you want to play a decent PC game thou!
  10. I will take a look at this as i need new cards.. How many do you get for £15.59 ? Cheers Steve
  11. So will the replacement be a B Grade similar to what you have/had? or out of goodwill are they sending you a brand new one?
  12. And yet another new Midi controller released today - Pioneer DDJ-T1 here I love the way it is designed to fit over the laptop keyboard. first of that kind i think. £900 is a bit steep thou!
  13. Cheers Jason, I have neglected my business websites over the last 3 months and took a random google search and was no where to be seen!!! :wall: So need to get back on some optimization .
  14. Hi All, I was wondering if any of the web guys out there can answer this ... By having a .com web address - Can this have a negative effect with local search web optimization? i.e. Do searches (in google uk) look for .co.uk's first Many thanks in advance Steve
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