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  1. Love my Behringer Xenyx 1204 aux send and return, but with effects built in as well. Cost me $200 Australian dollars which at the current exchange rate means a couple of lagers for you guys! use it on the road all the time and it's bullet-proof
  2. Just by way of warning chaps - so no-one makes the same mistake as me. I bought an IDJ2 - not as my primary music source, but as a bit of backup and so I had something to plug my mike into. I basically run everything with my laptop and Traktor. Which has been great and bulletproof, but you know how it is, you want a bit of redundancy in case of the "blue screen of death". I used to carry a little mixer and a CD player but wanted to save weight. Anyway I thought that the IDJ2 was the perfect solution. Plug the laptop in, have a mic input, and the ipod is there to take over in cas
  3. When a Man Loves A Woman is a good suggestion - although strictly speaking it is 12/8, but it would do the trick. I also suggested Hallelujah, which, although I love the original Leonard Cohen version, would more likely work better with KD Laing or Jeff Buckley version. Annie's song? The bride's name is Megan! (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman also just came to mind - But I think this Bride wants something at least post eighties. Funny though, I've never been asked for a traditional Waltz.
  4. Hello chaps, I have an enquiry from a bride who would like her waltz to be modern, but in a traditional waltz time so that they can do a traditional dance. I'm feeling that the two are incompatable. Any suggestions? Phil
  5. btw, if system is crashing I'd be looking at the software...
  6. fwiw, when I went to laptop I got a Toshiba with 2 hard drives and vista preinstalled. On the second hard drive I installed XP. Took a bit of digging around on the internet but finally found a forum that let me know which drivers I needed to make it work under XP. Installed Traktor, plugged in a Behringer BCD3000 and away I went! Until I got the dreaded clicks and dropouts. Turns out that particular chipset has problems with large USB data streams! Fixed again by the geeky forums that suggested installing Asio4all. Also increased all latency to max. I highly recommend this free
  7. Sounds like interference. Is your unit frequency agile? Can you change the frequencies? Does mic work when only one on at a time - if so they are interfering with each other. if not there may be something in the neighbourhood on the same frequency. That's my first thought...
  8. Here in oz the bride puts one her best thongs (flip-flops) at breakfast, the groom cracks a keg of beer at morning tea and the family is woken up when the flies buzzing around get too annoying and the sun is too hot. DJ plays Dancing Queen and Greased Lightning and then the whole Bridal Party is out cold on the porch. Pack up and leave Easy work
  9. Hip Hop R&B Be Faithful Fatman Scoop Whatta Man Salt & Pepper Jump Around House of Pain Shackles (Praise You) Mary Mary Let's Get it Started Blacke Eyed Peas Push It Salt n Pepa California Love Dr Dre Bust a Move Young MC Reggae Get the best of Peter Tosh Bob Marley Jimmy Cliff And throw in some Selector, Madness, Fun Boy 3 British Beat Wish I got to do more gigs like that! Sounds like great fun
  10. Another member from the sunny side of the globe! Hello bloke. You're right about those songs, although I'm shocked at all the age groups who want Khe Sanh. And ACDC Long Way to the Top. And Angels, Hunters, Hoodoos etc... Ohmygawd it's all my era. In fact I was living next door to Paradise Studios when Cold Chisel were recording East, Midnight Oil 10, 9...3, 2,1 and The Angels No Secrets. Sorry guys it's an aussie thing, but for us a lot of those songs get the singalong treatment here. But I have noticed that poms like a singalong to Wherever I lay my hat by...God, I've
  11. Excellent idea! Also tried Percy Sledge When a Man Loves A woman the other night - that was pretty good too
  12. tazio


    My first post! I like these playlists and interesting to see that love shack is an almost universal song! This is from a wedding a few weeks ago. It's not quite in chronological order but there you go...and thanks for all the ideas guys - except fro Tiffany!!! Hawaiian Wedding Song Elvis Presley The Girl from Ipanema Astrud Gilberto/Stan Getz Agua de Beber Astrud Gilberto Track 01 Bossa Nova Track 06 Bossa Nova Track 07 Bossa Nova Track 10 Bossa Nova Track 13 Bossa Nova Track 14 Bossa Nova Track 19 Bossa Nova Breezin' George Benson I Can't Give You Anyt
  13. An international cabal of wedding DJs! It almost sounds like a conspiracy! Hello all. I'm a mobile wedding and event DJ with around 5 years experience (although I have about 30 years of radio experience). Love my job. Recently gone completely digital - for my back's sake and looking for the perfect song to the end the night with (I've already seen the New York, New York thread). Anyway, love to chat and throw around a few ideas and if any of you poms are ever in Sydney...see what a little bit of sun can do for you. regards, Philip
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