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  1. And surly drinking out of glass wont 100% solve the issue... after all the liquid will touch some of the can as it's being poured? The idea answer is wash the can before opening it... Although lets face it who would go to all that effort everytime they wanted a can or bottle of drink?
  2. If you're aiming at a younger crowd then you can't go far wrong with a couple of 18" bass bins as they look and feel the part!... I know my HK LR118 18" bass bins kick out a shed load of the low stuff... Allot depends on your transport situation... If you travel to gigs by car you'd be better off with a smaller system that will still do the job but perhaps no pack as much of a punch... On the other hand if you have a van of any sort... Go for the bigger 18"
  3. Yeah ahve to say haven't had a ny issues with amazon downloads so far and can't grumble at their costs... I tend to use it mixed with napster and CD Pool Radio & Hits CD's to keep me up to date with newer music.
  4. It does seem to be christmas tree lights sewn into the cloth - whether it's the small lamp type ones of LED im not sure but at that price it's not going to be a proper starcloth... Although i suppose the argument is if you can't afford a proper starcloth then this is a good answer and would a standard client know any different?
  5. Just don't spend it all at once... Spread it over 2 pints and it will last longer
  6. It generally depends on the venue and what the client has asked for as to the presentation... Although i tend to use a deckstand booth to hold all my kit and then choose from the tailored black wool serge cloth or LED wool serge cloth front for it (have used white cloth on occasions too). IF it's a big room i'll use the booth by itself with a truss behind me but for smaller rooms i either use the booth by itself with a Tbar and stand or i'll use the deckstand booth with it's overhead lighting add on...
  7. Sorry didn't mean to take things off topic by saying that's where i'll be on sunday... I have posted it in the shows section of the website but it's awaiting moderation - so all the info on suppliers that will be there, times and everything else about the show should be on the forum soon... I have a press release on the deckstand booth too as it's a new dj product but not sure if i'm allowed to post that - but cant pm a mod to ask as haven't made enough posts so if one of them could let me know if it's ok i can post some info on it. lol plugs... me.... :ads: now you come to menti
  8. Friday - prep & 21st Birthday Saturday - 40th Birthday Sunday - Staffordshire Light & Sound Show displaying the deckstand booth pro.
  9. Well looking at your setup i'd say you have good lighting and sound isn't too bad although as others have mentioned probably look down the route of a powered/active sub - which then means it will work perfectly well along side your existing audio set up.... I'd then look at the presentation side of things... and of course i can highly recommend the deckstand booth pro which is a mixture of a professional booth and deckstand in one... You can even have the option overhead lighting add on as well so that it's a complete solution in one.. Far classer and professional looking that just puttin
  10. Im sure i recognize you from mallorca... ohhh the stories i could tell :ab Mind you i have to be up and in stourbridge by 6am to be on air by 7am as covering the breakfast show so nows not the time
  11. Well thought as i'm on a number of other forums it wouldn't hurt to add another one to pop onto.... So see how it goes... For those of you that don't know me i'm James H and have worked as a dj for a few years with experience in working in mallorca as well as on cruise ships before settling down in little old Worcestershire where i still DJ both on the mobile scene and on local radio as well as provide other services such as stage, lighting, PA hire, event management and other event type things like that for events across the UK. My latest project for the industry is the Deckstand Bo
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