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  1. I could have done with this earlier because I've had quite a few teen discos I just had to pay for the downloads. Still there are quite a few tracks I don't have so it's definitely worth buying. Thanks for the info!
  2. Thanks for your advice, both of you. The dance offs went well, the limbo, not so good!! I took a while to get them dancing to be honest, but once they did, it went well. Thanks for your help. :Thumbup:
  3. I'm doing a 2 hour disco for a 13th birthday party this Saturday and wanted some advice as to whether I need to do any party games at all? I was going to do the limbo and a dance contest, but do I need anything else? Will 13 year olds disco dance for 2 hours? If I need some games have you any suggestions because I think musical statues would probably have them throwing their sausage rolls at me.
  4. Vokf, thanks for all your advice. Doesn't sound like I have the best gear for mixing but I definitely will have a go and thanks for the tips. :Thumbup:
  5. Thank you for all your advice I really appreciate it. I think it's just something that I'd love to be able to master so if I needed to do it, I could. I have the Numark CDN 22Mk3 Twin CD Player and Numark DM1090 Mixer. How good is that equipment for mixing? There again I can't blame the gear, I think it's more a case of me not having the skill. I'm fine with fade outs and bringing the new track in at the right moment (mostly) but I just think sometimes it sounds a bit tired. But I agree I think what is more important is reading the crowd, and I think I'm still working on that too!
  6. I haven't been around for a while as I've really been trying to learn a trade. Although I've been dj-ing for a couple of years, but not getting loads of bookings as I've been trying to ease myself into things, I've realised well, to put it bluntly I can't mix. I can pick and play good music, and go from one track to another fine, but I don't have the ability to really do anything too clever. How important is it as a dj to mix tracks together? I apologise if this question has been asked before. I'm just lacking a bit of confidence these days!
  7. No, I've never been asked to dance. Probably coz I give off a "you are kidding right?" vibe. I get photographed alot by both men and women while I'm working though. Don't think they've quite seen anything like me before. I wouldn't have time to dance anyway, too busy working. :joe:
  8. I'll be buying the cd too. Looks pretty good to me. Thanks for the info. :)
  9. I got a lot of Garage cd's off Ebay because I wasn't too sure about it either. Just tap in Garage cd and quite a few come up which may help a bit. Check out the cd's that are getting bids on them because that will give you an idea of what's popular. One I use a bit too for more old skool stuff is PUREGARAGE "Rewind" Back to the Old Skool.
  10. At the last couple of kids discos I've done I had ballons on the floor and personally I think it was a big mistake. The kids spent all their time running around hitting each other with them getting more and more worked up and then wouldn't dance because it kind of killed the "disco" atmosphere. I got my little helper (my daughter) to quickly grab any of the ones left so I could hit the kids on the heads with them! Joking! Saying that, if a kid asked for a disco with no games ( my last one was like that. 11 year old wanted a pure disco no games) and after several songs it was obvious they
  11. Yeah loving the Ironik song too! Brilliant ! How's it doing in the charts?
  12. As long as I didn't have to go naked too, yeah no problem at all. Being an ex art student I've drawn dozens of naked bodies. I think I seen it all, and drawn it all, so seeing a load of naked people shaking their bits would be pretty tame for me.
  13. Wake Me Up Before You Go Blame It On The Boogie
  14. Yeah I always take my camera, and always forget to take any photos! People always take photos of me though. :joe: :mikee: :flirt:
  15. Nik I hope your post isn't removed because I couldn't agree with what you've said more. It's great that you had the guts to write it too. I still stand but what I said and love is love.
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