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  1. I'd spend the budget on one better speaker, do kids appreciate stereo anyway? (stealing & modifying this question from the Martin Audio thread)...then i'd use it as a monitor on bigger gigs.
  2. Mine does the same, at least its not faulty, just poor software.
  3. Quick update on this LED messenger light (which finally arrived yesterday) If you're considering getting the Equinox Carbon LED light - the American Audio LED Messenger is identical but with the message section added, programming new messages is really easy using the remote, although a ps2 keyboard can be plugged in although i dont have one to try this function out at the moment. It comes with a plug in IR remote receiver on short cable, so you can operate it from anywhere. I was concerned that not having the whole word displayed would be an issue but it really isnt, the text mo
  4. Did anyone mention the Freefloat? lol Sorry about the quad post, dunno what happened, maybe i was drunk, or something. :joe:
  5. Sounds like acoustic feedback caused by the turntables. Google "freefloat turntable" - £20 will get you a pair to solve your problem.
  6. Hi Stace. I have some of those pars you linked to, in sound to light mode they only change colours fast, no slow fades at all, they do have a sensitivity control for sound to light use but its not that great, its either responding very fast or not at all... on the video you refer to it they are being controlled by a dmx unit in order to get those patterns. Beams from LEDs are narrower so they wont give you the same coverage as halogen lamps & reflectors would. Prolight do a range called Visio which use 5mm leds and give a wider angle wash and with a slow fade function, they
  7. I have 4 martin mac 250's which take custom gobos if thats any use, pm me
  8. Selling a Mac mini, mint condition. 1.6ghz core duo 512 ram 55gb hard drive (plus the 160 external) keyboard, mouse,psu. 160gb external usb hard drive £200 + postage...or have a punt at it on ebay, no reserve. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=300218430457
  9. I have 1 compact bass bins for sale. It measures only 50cm x 37cm x 50cm It has a single speakon connector on the back - a crossover, system controller or a mixer with sub out is required as this has no internal crossover fitted (although its not a hard job to do so if you like to tinker) It is fitted with this 500 watt rms driver Delta 12LFA Working perfectly, sounds sweet. Comes free with a generous helping of dust. :joe: The picture shows it stood next to a gemini speaker for size comparison, small aint it? Selling for £80, to be collected from Telford,
  10. Quality mics, i use 4 of the lapel ones for general pa hire jobs, superb natural sound.
  11. You have a case if his website is pretending to be your company, for example if your company is big red sound disco and your website is www.bigredsound.co.uk and he makes www.bigredsound.net despite his company being called small blue discos however if your site is a generic name like www.ukdiscos.co.uk and his is ukdiscos.net you dont have a leg to stand on legally. EDIT: dont forget that some web companies will call you up pretending that another party has expressed an interest in a name similar to yours and would you like to register it before the other party
  12. You're probably right about the ac/dc thing, i'm not technician so i'm not gonna argue the complexities with you...however.... I've just put a 3 seperate multimeters across an 8 ohm load and got a 7.8 ohm reading, then across a 4 ohm load i got a 4.0 reading, tried this on several speaker drivers & commercially made speaker cabs. It might not be 100% accurate but it will give the OP an approximation...and most importantly he should be able to see if adding the bass bins reduces the load or it stays the same, which answers that crossover question.
  13. I sold a pair to a local social club yesterday, the 15 inch active version....couldnt believe the bass i was getting out of them, amazing.
  14. To protect your expensive speakers from damage.....Formula Sound make a product called an AVC2 - its a 1U rackmounted "automatic volume control"...if Mr DJ turns the mixer volume up too high, the AVC2 turns is back down to its preset level until the dj turns it down again...this is not a compressor/limiter so you dont get nasty pumping effects, its pretty much unnoticable in use. I run my 600 watt AES subs with 1000 watts AES I dry hire the system out, unmanned all night. The system is used for raves, bands & disco/karaoke In 5 years of owning it i have never had to replace a dr
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