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  1. Myself and another local dj have recently noticed a huge decline in the number of recent bookings and have also noticed the loss of a huge number of jobs to extremely cheap DJ's that have been cropping up. To be exact cheap DJ's who use illegal downloads. So no wonder they can go out so cheap! One day I was at my regular community centre booking in forthcomming dates with them and this other DJ was playing there. It was clear that he was using illeagal sources to dowwnload his music as some of the tracks cut off early had RADIO VOICES towards the end of the track which he would try to cove
  2. Ok I have been asked to have a look into what possibilities there are for a battery powered PA system that can be used for commentries during Civil War reenactments. I thought I would pop on here and pick the members brains as outdoor PA systems are not something I have a lot of experience with. The Charity have a budget of up to £300 which needs to include speakers/horns, amp and a wireless mic or headset mic. So I know it's going to be pretty budget equipment we are looking at. Obviously my main concern is the volume of the riffles and cannons and the commentator not being heard ov
  3. POST MOVED TO EVENTS / SHOWS / NEWS AREA Glowstick company at meeting - I was hoping someone might have his mob contact details. I wanted to do a bulk order of glow sticks and collect them at the seda meeting tommorow. Due to being ill this didn't get done and they don't appear to be open on Saturdays :-( If anyone has his contact details please could you either pass them on to me, or ask him to give me a call on 07867 971775 Or if you speak to him please ask him to bring at least 5,000 with him to the Seda meeting. Thank you so much Jane
  4. If you aren't into a particular style of music it's hard to know what will and won't go down well. For Garage music the best of the best usually ends up on The "Pure Garage" Albums although these are pre mixed albums but just check out the track listings and then off you go a hunting for a non mixed version. As said before if you are downloading make sure you purchase the rights. Another CD in the same range is "Pure Bassline" again it's mixed but the tracklist should give you an idea of what you are looking for. Tune into Radio 1 or kiss, or the Hits channel on Freeview a bit m
  5. Whilst it may take more skill to perform in a situation like scenario 2, it probably takes just as much skill to get to play in a scenario 1 situation. But I do have to agree it's the club atmosphere that is marketed mainly and as said before, has a cult following so anything that a well known super style DJ plays will go down a storm even if the crowd have never heard it before. That's not saying that those DJ's didn't work hard to get where they are now though.
  6. Currently listening to 90's hits compilation in the car. Going out of my way to avoid playing Leona Lewis - Bleeding love. I've heard it way too much and can't stand it. Playing over and over again Gnarls Barkley - Going on. Love it, it makes me wanna get up, sing and dance.
  7. There are 13 different definitions of the word professional on Dictionary.com but the two that stand out to me are, following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain or a person who is expert at his or her work So I think my evidence would be proving that I earnt my living through my DJ'ing e.g. tax returns and business bank account ect and to prove I was an expert in my field maybe feedback and refferences from customers.
  8. Ok I am careful about safety and do visually check over and service my equipment periodically but this whole thing about PAT test does all seem a bit of a farse. Firstly a lot of other DJ's I have spoken to tell me that lots of venues require you to provide a PAT test certificate. While I can honestly say in 10 years I have never been asked once to show this. But do half of these venues actually know what they are looking for on a certificate? And when you show your certificate which part do you show, the actual certificate or the Audit sheet with the Earth leakage, polarity check result
  9. What CD are you currently listening to in your car? What song will you go out of your way, not to play at the moment? What song will you admit to listening to over and over again because you like it that much?
  10. Cliff Richard - Devil Woman
  11. Welcome Davey! Hope you find the forums useful.
  12. Hi Chris and welcome. Your not the only baby on here I'm only 25 and you beat me by 1 year as I didn't start until I was 14! Great to hear a little bit about you and look forward to reading more of your posts. Janey
  13. Welcome to the forums. I hope you find the site really useful and I look forward to reading your posts.
  14. Hey Stevie I remember you even though I have been away for a while too. Hope all is well and welcome back. Janey.XX
  15. Classic! I love that song but now I will never think about it the same way again. Thanks
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