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  1. I play the Five megamix at pretty much every gig - never fails ever!
  2. I started as a bedroom DJ when I was 15! Then was out on the road about 3/4 months after that!
  3. Frog


    This track is huge amongst young kids right through to 21st birthday parties! IMO it is the best Pop song released in a long long time!
  4. Frog

    Drum And Bass

    I specialise in 18ths and 21sts as well and I tend to play about 20/30 minutes of drum & bass at a typical 18th. Tracks I use: Pendulum - Blood Sugar Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) Pendulum - Tarantula Pendulum - Slam Kanye West - Gold Digger (High Contrast Remix) General Levy - Incredible Axwell - I Found U (High Contrast Remix) Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat (London Elektricity Remix) Dizzee Rascal - Sirens (Chase & Status Remix) Just a few there, there is a lot of Pendulum there because they are the most commercial D&B artists out there really so
  5. We all know Harpenden Gang Show is much better tongue out icon I have been involved for the past five years both performing when I was a Venture and as lighting, and it is a great week, always the 2nd week of January so is a great way to start of the year. Pics look good, we are slightly luckier than ours in that we don't have to build the stage first lol!
  6. Love It, something different which is always welcome in my opinion!
  7. For all those interested we are now streaming live from the Pro DJ Show! So tune in, phone lines not up yet but email will be soon!
  8. I have the email of a British radio station in Zante that are looking for presenters for the 2007 season if you or anybody else is interested in that??
  9. The main reason for airing bits of the seminars would be to give us presenters a bit of a break!! To tune into the radio open up windows media player then go to open and copy the following link in: mms://energy10.egihosting.com/487376 If you fancy phoning into the studio then give us a call on: 02078 710 714 (skype in number) or Text Us on: 07968 289 986 And even email us: radio@prodjshow.co.uk Above communications will be operational between the hours of 10am and 4pm which suprise suprise are also the hours we are on air!
  10. Just started playing this a couple of weeks a go. Good tune!
  11. R&B is on its way out, has been for a while now. The majority of my gigs are 18th birthdays and at the majority of those I will only playe 3 or 4 R&B tracks!
  12. For ground floor venues I use a sack barrow, only cost £15. Can't remember where from though. Upstairs venue is common health & safety, on the rare occasions there is a lift use that alternatively lift without bending the back, or have two people carry!
  13. Not sure was a while back now, but was in Sound Control, Birmingham.
  14. I had one half of Hybrid show me what he does and that is pretty cool, just couldn't get my head round it all! Will try and find time to sit with it properly but I am quite happy using Cubase, Logic & Audition.
  15. Live 6 isn't the most simple to use though!
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