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  1. Hey guys I haven't been here in a long time so Hi :) As the title says looking for info or ideas for this kind of event music and i think i have to do some MC work.Anybody do something like this before?? I think i have to get an American Football Jersey aswell for this. Ronan
  2. I put down Nightclub looks like its only around 10% of the votes aswell
  3. Welcome to the forum..Cyprus lovely place Titanic is good in Ayia Nappa Dj Coxy amd Marshall been over there three times before.Enjoy the forum
  4. Im just djing at the moment fulltime.I am renting an apartment with a friend and i also look after my sons welfare school/bills clothes etc and of course see him whenever i want. Currently working four nights a week,around 6/7 months ago i lost my sun nite gig.I want to do some part time day work but i really don't know what to do.I am not a 9-5 person and would hate an office environment but this year is going to be a bad one. I maybe able to get some work as a spinner on a radio station which i Presented on before which at the moment is the only obvious part time work.
  5. Welcome ray Just reading your last few comments....I know it well girls like ya but know they cant spend every friday and saturday with you drinking and dacning etc...Cause ur working been there done that...:) Enjoy the site
  6. Jesus guys!!!!!!!!!!! This is madness we already work friday and saturday night every week of the year....If i didn't have a son and a family yes i would do it. Christmas day 12 HOUR GIG!!! were talking 2000 or 3000 euro...(sterling) This is like taking the prom queen to the ball and your mates having first go..........Lads come on to f*&^%$$££ if you wanna quote less. end of.
  7. I had two gigs on thursday the 23rd of October and 1 every night till saturday the 1st of November Its just the way it goes.I have a monday,thursday,friday,saturday residency. First up was a corporate gig 5-9pm then my residency in a club.Was a bank holiday sunday so did club gig.Next extra gig was a tripple 18th on a tuesday night in a disco bar walk in no gear.Wednesday night a friend was sick so did his gig 900 punters fancy dress savage night.Last gig was the day after halloween and i could of worked sunday the 2nd but i was in no fit state as had a lock in with the staff from the pre
  8. Type in chill out into youtube and you will get a load of hits.Bit of sifting through but some great stuff on youtube. Ronan
  9. Well Hed Kandi have a good chillout series check out the website www.hedkandi.com or Buddah Bar www.Buddah-Bar.com really depends on what kind of chillout stuff you need. Ronan
  10. On tonight and tomorrow my usual venues and i finally get a break on sunday night:) Tonight is my eight night in a row djing and will be my ninth gig.Very busy which is good hopefully this will continue more or less up to christmas. Played three Halloween songs last night and Little Red Riding Hood was up to me giving out about the tunes..Half of the punters were in fancy dress and this woman giving out :rant: Thriller Ghostbusters Time Warp
  11. Good tune i must say..Heres some useless information about the video:0 A presenter from mtv was the lady in the video running around:) Try a torrent site or something!!
  12. Yes well done I would of done the same myself:)
  13. Exact same here not liking it too much.
  14. I bring 3 cd cases to my gigs..So varying case sizes i would say around 900 cds.
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