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  1. Good night for me, only a small party at a restaurant, bit quiet at the start (9pm) but everyone danced from 11am thro till 1am. I have done this one for the last ten years so no real suprises. Always get loads of handshakes and a glass of bubbly at midnight as does all my family who are invited along. Nice to be appreciated and booked for next year as well.
  2. I don't DJ a lot now, but I have kept on my regular and loyal clients. Got a phone call this morning from the restaurant where I DJ Christmas and New Years Eve, telling me that they had had a burst in the roof above my set up :drama: . Got there pretty quick to find place flooded, 1" of water on dance floor and nice trickle of water splashing off my decks and DMX control. Star cloth sucking the water from the floor. No panic from me as I have spare everything and it's all insured but what if I had not bothered. All my cd's were in my office and safe so no worries really. Just thought t
  3. This is my only critisism, gobos rather than dots would be good. I have a Boogie lamp which looks nice with smoke but as many venues are smoke free the dots look a bit lost unles you can get them on a white wall or ceiling. I have four led par cans dmx linked and they look fantastic. I do like the light weight and low consumption so will be sticking with them. I still use a couple of 250w projectors which seem to compliment the other lamps so they will be staying until somthing as good is on sale.
  4. mick

    Northern Soul

    I'm Gonna Run Away From You Tammi Lynn What a tune, one of my all time favourites, must play it next gig. I did a birthday party once with a similar brief, went really well. As for intro's etc, just pretend you are back in the 60's/70's using basic decks and mixes and a bit of banter between tracks to hide any difference in tempo's. Don't think you need worry too much, Sounds good fun, enjoy yourself.
  5. Yes I reckon I can relate to what you say, I am always a bit anxious before the first track is played, mixture of exitement and adrenalin. Thing is you never know what sort of gig you are getting, even after 10 years of djing. I race motorcycles and I get the same feeling at the start of the meeting. Having a few tracks ready alway helps by taking the pressure off, also making sure that you have plenty of spare kit as backup is also a good way of reducing any possible problems worrying you. Generally I am ok once I am set up and ready to play, always leave in good time for the gig so as n
  6. This may or may not help but I had a very similar problem with my cdmix3 player. Stuff that I had recorded and used for years would not play or skipped badly. I solved it by re-recording the tracks on to different make blank discs and burned them at a slower speed. They have worked fine for the last two years or more since. Interestingly the old discs will play on my cheap back up deck no problem. Hope this is of use - Mick
  7. This has happened to me and no I didn't. He actually asked for a few tracks to be played and they were a mile apart from his type of music but good to dance to. I suppose he was just out for a good time with his friends and did not want to hear his own voice. Funny thing was nobody else asked for one of his tracks either so there you go, and yes I did have one of his hits on a Now album. I am not letting on who it was though :protest:
  8. Yes, welcome to the forum, :welcome: 49 - you are still a lad, I'm still doing a few gigs at 56 and so age is just a number. All the Best - Mick
  9. Donna Summer - Love's Unkind
  10. I use a cd mix 3 and it's been a great bit of kit, as I don't do any fancy mixing and just play the choons it works fine, never skips and does what it says on the box - Good Luck
  11. Only ones I tend to use are Grease Megamix and Soul Banana. Both work well, I like to use individual tracks for most of the gig however these two seem to blend in and the crowd always seem to like them.
  12. I would have felt an even bigger idiot had I not had the track when asked for it on new years eve by one of my regular clients :aa
  13. mick

    You Get One Shot...

    Oh so many, Ill go for Donna Summer - Love's Unkind
  14. I think the post title "Party Essentials" makes these slightly more than "Obscure ?" I assume that the person concerned does not do Party type DJ'ing and that is why he want's them or else it's a wind up :bouncy:
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