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  1. DJH

    Amp Advice Please

    cheers guys, you all have been a great help, DJH
  2. DJH

    Amp Advice Please

    well guys, i thankyou all for your comments, i didnt expect a heated debate at my expense, but i have read everyone.lol i sort of get the jist of it all. think ill stick to the peavey amp and suck up to the lumping it in and out of venues.lol i did get the other amp off my mate, its a stage line 600 watt one, and i got it for £40 so ill have it as a back up , (you never know) i read on another thread that it is possible to run the tops off one amp and bins off another, is this right? if so how to i link the sound out of them both together? sorry but i aint into the testicle (sorry t
  3. HI Guys i have a old 1200 watt peavey amp which i have used for years, touble is it is one hell of a heavy lump, my mate has a 600 watt amp for sale and i was thinking of getting it to replace the peavey ( purely because of weight ) i am running a pair of peavey 300 watt pro 15`s with bass boxes. what will the difference be if i came down to the smaller amp, apart from size, is there any negatives in doing so? will my speakers sound C:cense:p because of this switch. will i be able to put out enough sound to sound right in a medium sized hall 150 - 200 guests. you knowledge on
  4. cheers guys, thought this may be the problem, will have to get my son to do it for me, im bound to turn something off i shouldnt. thanks again haydn
  5. Hi guys need a little bit of help on this one, i have just purchased some peavey pro 15`s and peavey pro subs, when playing cd`s i get no problems what so ever. BUT....... when i go over on to laptop the sound seems to be a lot lower and when i turn it up i tend to get some feed back through the speakers, this will go if i just tweek the volume down a bit and raise it again. i have tried various things like turning volume down on laptop and up on mixing desk, i did not have this problem before when i was running 4 x 500w class d speakers. its bugging me, any help/advise would be gr
  6. Hi Guys and gals yep im still around but just noticed on here that i aint been on here since August 2008, how bad is that? well im still DJing when asked to, but have noticed it being quieter in 2009 than 2008. i have recentley sold a load of my gear and purchased new stuff, like Peavey pro 15`s and peavey subs, Ledj starcloth, and now i have gone DMX but finding it a night mare, purchased some acme dynamo scanners off someone only to find a channel switch is broken on one of them, and the git wont answer the phone, rant over on that one.lol. i did actually think about jacking it
  7. ive yet to be caught out. did a gig last year for norfolk celtic supporters group and they brought along a cd full of the songs they sing at matches. sorted 1 hour of music i didnt have to look for. Norfolk DJ !!!!! how you doing ???????
  8. done one the other week for my step daughters friends, it was a great gig, and i just siad ladies and gentlemen please welcome the newly weds rachel and nikki to the dance floor for there first dance and they have asked if any one would like to join them please feel free, but it was a trance tune so no one got up with them....lol
  9. Mattaious which greek island are you on then??????? Haydn
  10. I run my disco with someone else, its handy having two loading and unloading, i do the sound side and Andi does the lighting, we work well together as he does excellent disco set and dance set, i do the cheese and the mic work and the laptop if needed, we work on a 2/3rd 1/3rd payment system, and i pay for new gear and anything that goes wrong and its my van we use, since the gear is mine Andi has nowt to do with it, but he uses his cd`s as well as mine. Haydn
  11. funny that this thread has come up this weekend, the so called laptop/hdd that fried at the weekend was left at home by mistake, went back to get it, wish i hadn`t now.......lol
  12. Done a gig saturday night for my son`s girlfriends 14th birthday party, wasn`t a great payer as it was his girlfriend, so i went along to do it myself and not with my mate, whilst i was setting up i asked my son to set the laptop up with the external hdd, 15 mins into the gig i went to the laptop to make sure all was working ok and noticed the laptop had not picked up the hdd, so i had a look around to see what was wrong and............ my son had put the laptop power lead into the hdd, i kept my cool but was furious inside as he has set the laptop up plenty of times before, well 19v into my h
  13. used mine last night at the most boring gig ive ever done, well im not surprised as it was a 50th wedding anniversary, but the impossibled was excellent, pointed at the floor just enough to catch the back wall as well, used it on sound activated and i was well impressed at how sensitive it was, cant wait till next week now where i know it will be a banging gig, i wouldnt want 2 of these thou, it filled the room on its own. Haydn
  14. when you invent it ill buy one, i hate the lumping about, now off to lump it about.
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