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  1. Friday 21st wigan cricket club Saturday put in PA for casino 35th at the Grand Arcde Wigan Recover from Saturday Casino Bash worked 19 hours sat sun morn got home 6am
  2. I hae been playing this track since it came out 1982 i think from the original album "escape" also play "who's cryin now" very popular in my area .
  3. The only way to get a big bottom end is to move lots of air thats why most bass speakers/bins are 15" and 18" and they are normaly big cabs aswell same as you cant get a lirtre from a pint pot
  4. Just a little in info We got Martha Reeves comin over later this year also Frank Wilson Contours Brenda Holloway And a few others do perform ill keep you updated when contracts are signed also we will be doin interviews for a radio show. KTF
  5. I rune up to a 16K rig it has cost me nearly£2000 in leads i tried cheap leads years ago and they didnt last very long so whe i put this system together i went for Klotz in 3 years i havnt had 1 fail me. Hope this helps Peter
  6. I would just explain to the person im sorry but your not covered on my PLI so he would need to fin another way to amplify his music. hope this helps Peter
  7. isley brothers .this old heart of mine marvin gaye. it takes two Martha reeves.Dancin in the streets
  8. Fort Transit long wheelbase with hightop 2.5 turbo cant fit everything in looking in to getting a trailer.
  9. I agree with there is a lot of motown track i have well over a thousand and a few thousand northern soul there are certain tracks the cross between the two .I never had problems keeping a motown dance floor goingI hased to do a regular friday night 7.30 till 11.30 the more you do the easier it will get And there are lots of motown tracks that are not on the motown label . Hope this helps
  10. Wigans ovation was a cover I think it was to motivations i have the track ill check tommorow Jim Mckluski from wigans ovation (lead singer)ist still around i bump in to him now and again.And last Suturday night I was the sound engineer at a northern soul party and Dean Parrish was on stage what a night .Read some of the comments http://www.bbc.co.uk/lancashire/content/ar....shtml?focuswin
  11. Some nice stuff there Dave but id question Ellie Warren as northern soul it was associated with the fun pubs like Clowns show bar ect Edwin was fantastic i worked with him several times how about Dean Parrish .Im On My Way Guy Darrel . Ive Been Hurt Tobi Legend .Time will pass you by Most Contour tracks but not Do You Love Me Tony Clark .Lanslide Ramsey Lewis .Wade in Water Tommy Hunt . Loving On The Losing Side Night Owl .Bobby Parris I worked with Dean Parrish last Saturday in Bolton he was Fantastic id talk to the B&G and get a better idea I hope its a good one
  12. I tend to drop roadie of the come home see whats on telly surf the net make some food drink plenty tea .go to bed forgeting to turn the lights of set the alarm go back down to get my phone a forgot activate alarm wake up the street try to remember code for the alarm and the phone dialer wife comes down gives me earach have another cup of tea several trips to the loo sort dog out (its my fault i woke her up)everyone says. before i know it its daylight and i get up at 8 on sunday mornings to go clay pigeon shooting sunday night i fall asleep without trying.But seriously i go to bed and put radi
  13. Wigan Casino was on Station Rd wigan and was shut down by wmbc to extend the civic centre but it was a grade 2 listed building so it couldnt be demolished and cought fire a while later the civic centre was never extended. go to a few venues and look at the record reaction differant areas have there own favorite records one record may be a floorfiller in stoke but kills it at wigan i would ask the bride and groom to do a request list I work at lots of northern soul events and the differance from one area to another can be vast. I hope this helps... Have a good night KTF My Freind does a
  14. Friday done a freinds 50th birthday party was upstairs so i just took in a powered mixer 1 pair of hysis2 speackers 1 bank of 4v par 56s 2 valeras oh and my heavy leadbox that was a pain so i have decidedt to get a small bag and buy some spare leads so i dont need to take lead box in to small venues Saturday 11.till 2. local school fate a freeby i do this every year its my childrens old school so i dont mind Sarurday night was at a PTA in liverpool i do this every month im on with a band/artist every time .It was a band called Winston They have been around since the 70s i toured Ger
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