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  1. The only thing to be aware of, a lot of Chinese imports on things like lasers are not actually CE rated, they just put the logo on. If they ever get caught/hassled by the CE people, the manufacturer just goes bust and re-appears under another name. Just my £0.02
  2. Thats an easy way to get the "Clean" mixes of tracks. Promo Only have missed out on this one You asked for it..
  3. Is what you're looking at like this by any chance. Maplins If yes, thats just a Freeview box, but shrunk down into a little block. If not, do you have a link for what youre looking at. PS sorry about the last post, on reading it, it is a little in depth :joe:
  4. You'll need to explain a little more. DVB-T is freeview in the UK and is great. If its european you're probably looking at Free-To-Air satellite. For that you'd need a dish & FTA Reciever to go with it. Its pretty garbage, 28.2 E is the Sky satellite and all you'll get is shopping channels in poor quality. 19.2e is just as bad. (Just incase you dont know what im talking about the numbers are satellite positions, sorry if im teaching you to suck eggs :P) Anyway, I wouldnt recommend it. Plus you would need a satellite dish installed. If ive got the wrong idea let me know and I can
  5. I would strongly recommend against the use of domestic video senders. They have major problems with sharing the airwaves. They pick up interference from Radio Mic's, WIFI networks & Devices (e.g. iPhones, laptops with wifi on etc...) and sometimes even mobile phones. Having used a set to transmit video wirelessly to a VCR and finding the sound recorded from the camera completely unusable (think whining & bleeping noises) I would avoid them at all costs. just my 2p worth.
  6. The only other issue you might have is kids trying to stop them from moving by grabbing on to them. A kid ripped the mirror assembly clean off a friend's scanner only the other week. As you can guess he wasnt best pleased. Other than that there shouldnt be any major problems.
  7. The FX Labs manual is trash. It has absolutly no safety information at all. Which is shy i was asking. The Class 3B doesnt have a key switch on it.
  8. Cheers thanks for that. Ive only got the one & ill see how it goes.
  9. Hi folks. Ive just bought an FX Labs Laser (I Belive its a soundlab spinoff company) Its a scanning laser unit with sound to light & auto modes. What im wondering is.... is it legal to operate & is crowd scanning safe with it. I have a copy of the HSE - Radiation Safety Of Display Lasers booklet here, but it doesnt really help much. One thing it does point out is that all lasers above a Class 2 need the triangular laser warning sticker, which this one does not have. However, the only markings on the laser are: "Class 3B Laser Radiation When Open Avoid Direct Exposure T
  10. I can highly recommend Glasgow Sound Centre (in ... well you guessed it) Glasgow. They have they're full range of gear ready to demo & the guys in there are extremely helpful. Website: http://www.glasgowsoundcentre.com/
  11. I have to be honest, The 2nd link I wouldnt touch with a barge pole. The Numark iDJ2 is more of a toy than a serious piece of DJ kit. I would question its reliability & robustness and personally would not use it. The speakers (Tapco Thump) I have never heard but have been warned away from by people who have bought them. I would get a 2nd opinion on them first.
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