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Well, well, well 1971 was possibly a record-holder itself, with 13 tracks making it to number 1, rather than the 52 no.1's that we sometimes seem to end up with today. (Not that all of the tracks above rate exactly as anthems, by any stretch of the imagination).


At no1 for 6 weeks was T-Rex and "Hot Love", with George Harrisons "My sweet lord", Dawn:"Knock three times", Middle of the Roads "Chirpy Chripy Cheep cheep" and Rod Stewarts gravel-strained rendition of: "Maggie May". all managing 5 weeks in the top stop (there, thats half of the year gone in one paragraph).


T-rex came back for a further 4 weeks with "Get it on", with Diana Ross'"I'm still waiting", Slade "Coz I Luv you" (see, they didn't just sing that Christmas record), and Benny Hills, "Ernie (The fastest milkman in the west)" also managing 4 weeks each.


With 42 weeks of the year already accounted for, the remaining 10 weeks of no1's were filled by Clive Dunns "Grandad" (3weeks), Tams "Hey girl don't bother me" (3 weeks), Mungo Jerrys "Baby jump" (2 weeks), and Dave & Ansil (who?) collins: Double Barrel. (2 weeks).


So, what'll it be?...votes away...

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Voted for Double Barrel because I do play that, and their other one Monkey Spanner fairly regularly.


Was tempted to vote for the Mungo Jerry track, as they get requested frequently at Biker gigs I do, but normally its "In The Summertime" or "Lady Rose" that I play.

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ooh, that's a real tough one Gary. I still play several of those songs.


"Knock Three Times" always goes down well, as does "Maggie May" and the T-Rex songs.


On balance I'd say I play "Hot Love" more than the rest.





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I voted Bolan too

.....but what do I know ?




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As my main clients are disco fans, it has to be Dawn.


But I do slip T-Rex in a lot. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif


So, who's the one voting for Ernie, then? Can we all come to that gig?


http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/whistling.gif http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/whistling.gif

You want me to play what?


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Get it on. Closely followed by Dawn.





And id ADS is in the audience, Grandad! http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/tongue.gif

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Tams and will sample D&A Collins

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