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Weekend 22nd - 24th February 2008

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What is happening with you this Weekend?


Nothing here....so time to party myself.


Song to play: Michael McDonald - 'I Keep Forgettin'' (a slower one this week!)

Oliver Head, OTronics Media Services Ltd, Covering Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and surrounding areas.


Professional Mobile & Radio DJ

PLI (£10m), PAT and DBS (Disclosure) checked

Tel: 07835 485535

Email: enquiries@otronics.co.uk



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Nothing here either. :(


Going on a mate's hen night on saturday, but that's about it. :D



They don't call me Krazy for nothing! Krazy by name - Krazy by nature !!!

Age doesn't matter, unless you're a cabinet!

K K Disco

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I'm not working this weekend, did Thur and Sat last week and Fri next week before going on holiday for a week.


Working every week I try to avoid, if I can do 4 gigs a month that does me, keeps me fresh lol



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For me its a BIG WEEKEND!


Its my leaving party,On Saturday. I dont leave until the 1st of March, but i might need some time to recover


So Family, Friends etc all crammed into a room.


Ive managed to source an excellent DJ and he is also providing Karaoke for the night.


Really looking forward to it,



Hope everyone has a wkd weekend, I know i will!



Tune to play? -


Madness - Wings of a Dove




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Pub Karaoke last night (thurs)

pub disco tonight (fri)

Weding fayre tomorrow afternnon

Wedding in the evening

Pub Karaoke Sunday night.



5 European cups and 18 leagues, that`s what we call history.


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Tonight im in Surfers (limelight) Shaftsbury Avenue... 10pm till 3am


Saturday another club TBA...




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6oth wedding anniversary ( no that isnt a typo) for me saturday.


Dont get too many of those !!



The oldest swinger in town....... probably. Happy Easter.. well I have seen easter eggs in the shops

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I was in the regular pub as it was landlady's birthday.


Interesting night, as the regulars are a mixed bunch, with mainly Irish but a lot of eastern european, mostly Polish.


Started with general but lively background style until the place filled up around 9-9.30. Once they got going it was non-stop until 1am. That was later than usual but it was going so well and we were paid extra too. They were extremely vocal all night. If we had a sound limiter it would have tripped several times. But, funnily, the loudest were to Kingston Town, My Guy, Iko Iko and Thank You For The Music when they formed a circle and danced. tongue out icon


I am about to post the playlist as it is a little unusual in parts. Mary wanted party and irish music as the family were there too.

You want me to play what?


Secretary of NADJ, Member of SEDA


Magic Moments.. making your moment magic

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Well I had a bit of an odd Friday.....


21st Birthday in Kettering.

Started well, met the birthday boy who was their for setup and offered to help carry gear in, I dont normally accept offers of help, but this one was a pain to get into so I didnt like to say no :rolleyes:

The guy bought me a drink before I started and all was going well but not many people turned up, only about 30......but then he only booked the room two weeks ago, and me 3 days ago so I don't think party organising was his strong point LOL

To cut a long story short, party was going ok, people were having a good time.......but the birthday boy couldnt hold his drink and was practiacally unconcious by 9.45........so he was bundled into a taxi and his brother said I may as well pack up as everyone was now going off to the local clubs.

But the plus side of this sad tale was that the venue managment were impressed and the manager took a handfull of cards to give out to people hiring the room as he says they are allways being asked if they provide a DJ, so I should get a fair bit more work out of it, so its not all doom and gloom.


Saturday I was back at my new adopted second residency, Djing at a bowling alley for their cosmic bowling......easy life no gear so setup and £130 in my pocket so cant grumble at that.

I wouldn't do this regular but its good as I can get it last minute if I have no other bookings on a saturday, its also an easy way to earn £100 on a thursday.




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How did it go?






Excellent Paul!


Couldnt of asked for anymore really. Family and Friends and plenty of drink flowing.


The DJ was brilliant and would recommend, And the guy can sing aswell, so all good fun :Thumbup:



Left the venue around 1am and then went round me mams and got intoxicated even more and went bad shortly after 4 this morning.


Jeese i feel a little rough!!




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Evening Guys




Well, as posted in a previous thread, I had my boys 21st BD party, and was a bit worried


Guess What......


Once again after the 1st track was on I was in my ellement, nearly forgot it was his BD and just treated it like any other, although seeing as it was for him (and he also needed to impress), I had my complete set-up blasting an audience of about 80 people


Everyone enjoy themselves and just I got a few referrals,although that what it for FREE, but not me, they want my skills they will have to pay, I'll get the misses to price the jobs LOL




Recovering and unloading



Music Entertainment covering London & within the M25 Areas


English & Asian Events catered for



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