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  1. although goverment statistics prove otherwise i still firmly believe we are in a recession or even if we are not a lot of people do not feel any sense of security in there employment, in my day job we transfered over from a city council to a housing charity and within 12 months the trade staff ie plumbers,electricains ect have been told that we face pay cuts of a minimum of £5,000,00 per annum with the average being 7.5k and with the job market being so depressed they know they can get away with it, so if your faced with losing money the first thing you do is econimise protecting what you alr
  2. i would have a look on thomann at their own speaker range the box if you could stretch your budget just a little bit further or if you get lucky they may have some b stock you can pick up powered speakers 400 watts rms and although many on here would label them as budget speakers they do out perform there price tag if you do a search on here old members who have had them are very complimentary about them and they also give you a 3 year warranty even on the b stock
  3. just to confuse you a little bit more i would download a copy of ots av, lots of features but very simple to use and very stable.
  4. one of the hotels around my area have actually bought there own equipment mainly from maplins which although at the lower end of the price market does the job it was bought for ie loud enough for the room and enough lights to give decent coverage on the dancefloor but they have trained there bar staff to use it and they now use them to dj there functions unless the customer brings in an outside disco, the guys who do this get the same hourly rate as they would if they were working behind the bar and the only previous experience they had was from what they had seen at previous functions while w
  5. i would certainly of tried to talk the client in to an equipment only hire, i had a wedding a few years ago when the groom stated that he was paying for the disco and he only wanted the music that he and his mates wanted mainly very obscure indie, this obviously went down like a lead ballon with 99% of the guests, obviously on several occasions i announced to the guests that the playlist had been chosen by the groom but even then i was having to field unwanted moaning and groaning from the guests, the mother in law came up and had a right pop by then my usually calm nature was rapidly departin
  6. i only want to use them for one night, if they were being used on a regular basis i would of course buy the discharge lamps but all my lighting is led and lasers plus a couple of projectors with portable screens but thanks for the advice i actually asked my local dj store and they could not give me an answer.
  7. i have a pair of abstract clubscans which i have not used since the bulbs blew as they are 150 watt discharge lamps and the best price i could find was about £35 per bulb, at the time i was moving over to led lighting anyway so it seemed better to putnthe money towards an led effect, however i need to use these lights for just i gig so can i put in non discharge lamps, as long as the watts and voltage are the same?.
  8. another mention for the warriors you could get a pair of 15s for your main stuff but also add a pair of 12s for back up or smaller venues i had a listen to the 12s and i was very impressed but sound is very much down to each individuals perception.
  9. i do offer an equipment only service with the choice of having an on site operator in case of any problems or a set up and collection service where the event organiser nominates a person who will be operating the equipment who will be briefed by myself on how to turn the mic on and off ect they provide there own music device and this has been proven to be very popular, i would certainly steer them towards this package when it is a strict my playlist no requests situation.
  10. i hope its ok to use this phrase but i do actually target the "Pink Environment" and although i would maybe not use the word demanding, i find they do plan everything down to the smallest detail and they are fantastic to work for im always treated really well and and in my experience they never try and haggle its a case of they want the best they know it costs more and there willing to pay for it. and also there the best part crowd you can get all up for a great time with no hint of that is it going to kick off atmosphere. :cense:EDIT:cense: Gary (GDK) Changed an word - this could cau
  11. about 4 years ago i went to spain but that was for a property purchase but did have a couple of days of r and r in between doing all the paperwork, but i do enjoy watching programs like coast ect and it makes me feel incredibily guilty about how little of our beautiful country i have not made the time to see, so thats my new years reselotuion sorted for next year.
  12. although i am a non smoke the smell does not really bother me, from a clients perspective for a pre wedding meeting then if i was a smoker then i would not have one before going to there home, how ever at a function once the alcohol has been flowing and i would assume a percentage of the guests would also be smoking so i really dont think they would notice i can even see that having a quick smoke outside would give you the oppourtunity for some extra feedback from the guests.
  13. there a little bit dearer but i sue the musicans union, you also get other union benefits like being able to use there solicitor ect and they chase lost payements for you as well i think.
  14. sorry to jump in on this thread but i am suffering a very similar problem the only thing that is different to the op is that i have only just started to get this problem in all my previous gigs i have never had the problem so any ideas why it would just start one suggestion i have had is that it could be a soundcard issue? any ideas gratefully recieved.
  15. do you require a psv licence to drive it?, i thought if it was over 8 passengers then you cant drive it on a car licence but i could be wrong.
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