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  1. I agree - the deposit is payment in return for turning down other work. Therefore, if someone cancels after paying a deposit, that's their tough luck.
  2. Ahh that's where you'll have trouble as they're not made anymore. SSE in Redditch have some (including the Refleckta range from The Astoria) GS Sound Systems (or something like that; in the midlands and on ebay) occasionally have some and there is a place in Peckham that has some and I have the number for them.
  3. I can lift the SP5s by myself and I can just about put my SP3s on the stands if I get my balance right, but the SP9s are very very heavy. However, they are wonderful speakers. I have compared my SP3s to some Mackie SRM450s and the SP3s blow them away. I was a bit disappointed at first with the bass response compared to the Mackies but then saw how eq was set for the Mackie system - pure mobile DJ "smiley face" whilst mine was flat. My only problem is that my SP9s are 500w RMS each and my 750w per side amp didn't get the best out of them. I need a good 1kw/side amp. However, I a
  4. I've decided to sell some bits to fund the building of some new speakers as I want to get into building my own, so here we go. Firstly, a pair of ASS Spektra SP9s single 18" reflex. Bought from SSE in Redditch on 30 October 2008 where they had been refurbished with a coat of paint, new speakons and grilles. I will admit that the paint finish from SSE seemed to be just the one coat so, if you wanted them perfect, I would do another coat. It's just on the edges and bottom that could do with touching up. They are B&C 500w loaded, 99dB/w/m and, as with everything ASS, will last longer
  5. I would point out that my response was to the question "is this ad legal?". I didn't say whether I agree with the law or not. :xmas:
  6. No, it's definitely illegal. It is racist.
  7. Didn't say I would buy it (I haven't heard it so don't know how it sounds) but I would be looking at it and listening, of course, along with Martin Audio and Turbosound. For £2,500 though he could have a Reflekta rig from SSE and you know that's how I would spend that sum! (then I'd bitch about how I can't lift it or fit it in the car!)
  8. If I had that sort of money to spend, I would be looking at http://www.voidaudio.com/product_detail.asp?id=46 or http://www.voidaudio.com/product_detail.asp?id=66 Although, I would see if I could get it without the amp supplied and get a pair of Matrix instead.
  9. Definitely - more likely £50 - £100!
  10. I've done a couple of Hunt Balls with the band I used to work with and the budget this enquiry is offering wouldn't even cover a 1/3 of the band, let alone a disco and definitely not until 4am. If it was me and I was booking the band and the disco I would want in the region of £3,000 - £5,000 depending on the quality of the band.
  11. Right, I'll see if I can help. First of all, whoever suggested that you start with amps and then buy speakers was wrong - you don't know what amps you need until you get the speakers. Speakers are a personal choice and everybody on here can recommend a different make and model for different applications. If I were you, I would go round some disco shops and have a listen to everything they have in the shop. Ignore whatever the shop tells you and listen to your ears. If you find something you like within your budget, then go for it. If possible, hire some stuff for a gig, or ev
  12. That looks quite groovy - particularly since I can access the net via 3G rather than needing a wi-fi connection. The only thing is that it doesn't work on Macs. I do agree that it will get to the stage where we don't need to carry music with us, whether whilst I'm a dj or long after I retire, I don't know. Then that leads on to the question that has been asked ad nauseum of "is this the end of the dj" :zzz: !!
  13. I've looked at this as I have a Mac (that comes with me to gigs) and an iPhone and it will absolutely rock! The thing is that guests cannot interrupt what is playing, but can request songs by viewing your playlist. It only works over a wi-fi network though, so will only be happening in some of the hotels I work in.
  14. My full range go down to 45hz and are stunning. My bins go down to 40Hz so it is only for some gigs that I bother to take the bins (they're also very very heavy and very big). The problem I have is that the only processing/LMS I have is a dbx crossover which means that I am not making the best of the capabilities of the speakers. The LMS unit designed for the speakers has a variable LP filter for the bins and then a 60Hz HP filter for the full range so you can take a little bit of the bottom end off if you want. They are designed though so that you send the bins what it can nicely re
  15. If they are full range speakers, then why shouldn't he make use of the bass capabilities of those speakers.
  16. If you like them, then go for it. Have a listen first to see if you like them. You'll probably have to run them with a separate amp and crossover though, rather than linking them to tops, but they're made of wood, compact and I like them.
  17. UK Hero is right about the power of amps - lots of people suggest more powerful amps than the speakers, others recommend the same and others suggest amps that are slightly less powerful than the speakers, but whichever you pick, a clipping amp is what will kill the speakers. As for the impedence, you have to take a step back from the speakers for a bit and look at the physics involved. An amplifer is basically a transformer that raises a small current (input signal from mixer) to a larger current (output to speakers). A speaker acts as a resistor and has a nominal value of resistanc
  18. Hear Hear!! I love it - particularly when I need to go for a walk around for ten minutes!
  19. Definitely definitely!! Buy good secondhand over poor brand-new!
  20. Re MJ "re-mixes" - I wouldn't bother as the original is always the best. As for megamixes - you all seem to have forgotten the DMC 10 minute long Megamix that was on the b-side to Earth Song
  21. djgorey

    The Music Game

    Bed of ROSES - Bon Jovi
  22. djgorey

    The Music Game

    Sweet CHILD o' Mine - Guns 'n' Roses
  23. It is sexy as hell, but Apple have done a nifty trick of putting the controls on the headphone cord so, until someone comes out with an adaptor, it would be useless for connecting up to the PA as you wouldn't be able to select the tracks. A stunning bit of kit though
  24. djgorey

    The Music Game

    Jumpin' JACK Flash - The Rolling Stones
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