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  1. a good friend of mine married a peruvian girl in new york a few years ago and it was a smilar thing except we all headed to a club afterwards but it broke the continuity of the night Conversely a good friend of my wife married an american lad in co mayo last summer and myself, the brides family and a good proportion of the american visitors stayed going until breakfast was served at 8am!
  2. I'm one of those djs offered by a band and it accounts for 80% of my bookings. I was lucky that I was in the right place at the right time when I met them. Funnily enough on four occasions in the last year clients have turned down the dj option of the band and contacted me seperately due to seeing me at other weddings and referrals like these are starting to gain more gigs for me too. I guess what i'm trying to say is once you get your foot in the door and you provide a good service, things get easier!
  3. hiya, where you based. there's myself and mickeyk here from Ireland
  4. I like the white setting - find it good for first and last dances!
  5. 10u slant for mixer/controller, 3u vertical for amp/cd decks etc as new condition - never been on the road! bought this for my new mixer but decided to keep my old case instead. £110 delivered from Ireland. Bank transfer or paypal gift
  6. second hand hercules rmx, great controller, built to last. I've seen them at less than 200 used.
  7. Why should you take the brunt of it? You are doing as asked and probably not going to get any referrals/gigs from it but the bride and groom are somewhat to blame if they have invited someone that could be so nasty to them and cause them to be upset. They are guests at a wedding. If I'm a guest in someones house I play by their rules and don't complain or change the channel when they are watching their soaps or change the stereo to another song when they are lsitening to something I dislike. Unless they have explicitly asked my opinion I won't comment.
  8. I run a QSC rig, 2 k12s and a hpr151i sub (which I use maybe 20% of gigs or less) and can't fault them apart from the sub not having castors! The wattages given by QSC are misleading. As I understand it they use 2 500w active amps, one for hi and one for lo but the hi frequencies don't need as much power as is available. don't know if one amp goes that the other one takes over. Spl is a more accurate rating and the k12s go to 131db max I think.
  9. "Anything that has it's own dance" was a description used once when a client was telling me not too play any cheese. Thought that was a good 'un
  10. I played after a band at a wedding on saturday night and whilst it was a tough gig I felt I did well. The band were excellent and had everyone up at the end but when I started (with Jackie Wilson - your love) a lot of people took a break, went to toilet or for a smoke and I had to build it back up from just half a dozen dancers which I did over the next twenty to thirty mins altho it was mainly the girls funnily enough. Saw the bride and groom (and grooms father) thank the band but when I finished up 90 mins later with a full dancefloor and said my goodbyes on the mic they never came near me
  11. cool, wish my wife showed more interest in my djing apart from trying to spend the money I earn!
  12. I've an unused Laser UK Dj blend if you were interested. Bought in April from Disco-world.
  13. off topic. sorry - I gather you are a couple, do you always do gigs together? do you both dj?
  14. you could always add some Irish country : mundy - galway girl saw doctors - i use ta love her crystal swing - (on ellen degeneres show :O
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