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  1. I think Who, When, Where, What are the 4 initial questions that you need to ask. From the answers to the last 3 you can determine if you are able to do the gig. As Tony says the When will determine if you are even available, the Where will tell you if it's in your area and the What will allow you to decide if it matches what you can provide. If it's 3 yes's from you then you can start to talk to them about their function in more detail. Ask them what their requirements are, what plans they have made already - genuinely take an interest in what they are planning and offer
  2. I'm still going through adolecence and don't plan to really grow up for a while yet :joe: Besides my plastic surgeon says I look young smile icon
  3. Problem solved then - sell him yours Andy :joe:
  4. I do a similar process although at the moment 2011 bookings are being quoted at my 2010 prices. When we reach 2010 (er if I reach 2010) then they might have gone up more in which case those who make an early booking will be getting it cheaper. A couple of weeks ago I did a wedding that was booked with me in 2005 and quoted at 2005 prices - it meant I was going out for a lot less that night than the ones around it.
  5. In that case I'll have to go for black - no I haven't been in a fight or opted for mascara but some long gigs and little sleep have left me looking like I have :scared:
  6. No mention of that other all time classic then - The Birdie Song :joe:
  7. Welcome to DJU Sandy - good to have you along smile icon
  8. I would say 'No'. Ok there's always the exception to the rule and the odd one does drag a bit but for most a 1.00am finish (the norm here) is about right & sometimes too early.
  9. Yep, they seem to have cured it with the last update smile icon
  10. Yep it did feel like the clutch. Just been out to look at the car and I've lost most of the engine cover that used to be under the front - presumably to protect the engine from water?
  11. Lots of rain yesterday so I left early for my wedding gig. Tuned in to a local radio station 'Police are advising everyone to stay off the roads unless their journey is absolutely essential' the DJ announced. I thought that a wedding I had been booked for over 3 years ago fitted the criteria tongue out icon Well managed the trip with 25 mins to spare - few dramas on the way, a landslide on the motorway, water bubbling up through the tarmac, a couple of floods to go through but got there in one piece. On arrival I thought the place was extra busy as there were cars along the side of
  12. I think that Weddings are more 'Recession Proof' than a lot of other things. Haven't noticed any adverse effects yet.
  13. GABRIELLA CILMI - Save The Lies (Good To Me) Good tune - I thought it was Anastacia when I 1st heard it SANDI THOM - Saturday Night I thought this one was Shania Twain - but another catchy tune RIHANNA - Disturbia Not to be confused with Peter Andre's Insania!! This will be a big hit
  14. Paul Smith

    The Finish

    Personally I ask the client what they want and what song they would like to finish the evening - I do make suggestions if necessary but the final choice is theirs.
  15. Another couple from the movies are Build Me Up Buttercup and Footloose which always go down well plus there's been a recent resurgance of Beatles & Abba songs (although they never really went away). At my wedding on Sat night the Bride (in her early twenties) wanted 70s/80s & some current chart music. She was on the dance floor all night smile icon
  16. tongue out icon this is Paula's smile :paula: and I've a feeling she might just re-use it. Good to hear from you Paula.
  17. Welcome to DJU smile icon
  18. I still get asked for the original - quite often too. It doesn't work with every crowd but when it does it goes down well - here's a repeat!! 4dDux-9IB-0
  19. Just in from this one - she choose The Benny Hill Theme. It worked really well with everyone clapping along & cheering as they made their entrance. Thanks for the suggestions :Thumbup:
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