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  1. It's a Denon poll - too many options It's not the type of function I like ie wedding or 18th, it's what I have to do at the function.
  2. I love gadgets, and have found them all to be prone to some form of problem - failure, data loss etc... However, I have found one which is almost foolproof:
  3. Crossfader is useful for some forms of mixing, and a pain in the butt for others. You are in Surrey right? Why not go along to a few of our gigs with us? Marc and myself often work in Surrey, we could show you what we do and how we do it.
  4. Here you go llcooljoe, this should help.
  5. The MU diary arrived a few months back, just in time to start filling it. It has a really useful layout.
  6. Thanks for all the input on this thread, on this page is a pdf you can d/l which may be of use to you. It's the doc I put together for the seminar we delivered 2 weeks ago. Enjoy!
  7. I don't think you will be able to play the Sex Pistols - Friggin' in the rigging will you?
  8. 40th in Maidstone tonight, SEDA tomorrow night.
  9. Jon, please be careful with that stuff, it's not got a very healthy list of ingredients. I will resort to Red Bull only in extreme circumstances. Did you know that eating an apple can wake you up better than a cup of coffee? I now carry apples for the way home!
  10. I think that's very good of you. The venue I work on NYE can't justify my rate for their run of the mill stuff, but they are very happy to pay my rate for one of the most important dates in their diary. This date gets them a lot of work thoughout the year, so they push the boat out. If I was there often during the year, I would give them a workable discount.
  11. Uhh, ahh, yes I think you could be right there.....
  12. I live in Horsham, Sussex, and I am working in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with an overnight stay, and I am being paid well for the work. This is the 5th year running.... Before, I have worked in the new forest and Kent on NYE.
  13. Village Hotel, Castle View, Forstal Road, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent. ME14 3AQ Doors open at 7:30pm Prolight ‐ £100 lighting Demo. What will £100 get you these days? More than you think! EBDJ ‐ Our favourite south coast retailer will be there with some AMAZING offers on Prolight kit! Musicians Union ‐ A representative of the MU will be discussing Membership Benefits and the Mobile DJ's role in the Union RNID ‐ An RNID representative will be talking about new legislations that affect YOU. Glosticks ‐ It’s your last chance to stock up in time for Christmas! Spectrum Lasers ‐ Lasers, vertical
  14. Don't need one right now. A bloke at work has bought one in last Friday, it's very nice. He has it working on Vodafone.
  15. I don't think the original L1 Model 1's were RoHS compliant.
  16. I would have thought the non-RoHS L1 has to be discontinued and must be replaced by a RoHS version, we'll need to find out on Sunday.
  17. Ah, that's a shame, I'm presenting a seminar at 2pm on Sunday.... See you at 3pm
  18. Feed back form is in, we did a big old house set on the Bose L1 for this wedding, client said: What was the volume level like? perfect What was the sound quality like? excellent
  19. How about pausing half way through the night to interview him live? You could ask him about HIS music policy! You could then direct any requests for other stuff to him :devil: :Thumbup: Well he is your client, so you have to play what he allows!
  20. Oooh, goodie! Another Pioneer / Denon debate! Really? I have only had one problem with a vbr mp3 cd. To be fair Marc, I haven't loaded the latest fw yet on my CDJ1000mk3's. Must do that...then you can try again.
  21. Give it time, I've only just sent the form LOL!
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