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    Cloud Cxm

    As some may know, i LOVE these mixers since i started using them in my local 1st leisure venue in 199-something. I own one that appears to fully working, no probs except a slghtly weak master output(which is rectified by using the CZ1 zone outputs which are strong) and much prefer it to the stuff thats around today(even the DJM800!). The only thing that worries me is A ) its cracking on a bit in years and obviously as things get older they're prone to failure and B ) there are some rattly bits inside when you turn the mixer around(like a screw or something came loose-but more than one!).
  2. Edinburgh has always been a nightmare what with an overly interfering council but since the tram works(which are over budget already) its nigh on impossible. . . . . And the routes change every other day.
  3. Funny how all the 'older' mixers are coming out as the favorites! Admitadly with my CX there is the seperate power 'brick' but never had any probs so far, refurbed CM1s & CS1s(the channel strips) are usually available.........
  4. cmj

    Delacy - Hideaway

    As Superstardeejay, shake those 18's!!
  5. My Cloud CXM has never let me down, prefer it to all the new Pioneer's, A+H's etc. Just call me nostalgic!
  6. Looking at the RX freq's of the Senny, its a UHF unit whereas the Warrior transmitter is VHF, so will not work.
  7. Being a predominantly a bar/club dj, i'm guessing I wouldnt have the first clue on dj'ing at a wedding, reading previous posts/topics, it would seem a bit nerve-racking to me, what with it being such a special occasion etc. If I did have to do one, I reckon it would only be at the request of family/friends when I knew their musical tastes, personalities etc.
  8. Oh yeah, a robocolour 2 has had a wee fit once, C-Audio RA3001's dont like to much dust in them either, oops.
  9. Yep, a Yamaha P4500 Power Amp that was incapable of driving 4ohms bridged. Not exactly a hard load to control. . .
  10. I would just pop the bass up a touch and make them "dissapear" in the same way bar staff complain when their bottles "walk" to the edge of the bar. The joy of having 4 Ohm BR218's to play with lol . . . .
  11. Odly enough, happened just last night for the umpteenth time at one of my residencies, big group of rugby lads on a night out after their annual dinner dance, pints getting thrown around, soaked CDJ400s & FSM600, the kit didnt stop working thankfully. . . .
  12. Gotta agree with norty303, never heard of pro cabs using dome tweeters, except in low-powered background systems. Defo go for a cab with comp horns for quality & longevity!
  13. Doesnt affect me at all, not even after 14 years of nightclub work in some really really smokey venues. Some of the punters intentionally breathe it in then run and blow it on their mates or fill up empty miller/bud/corona etc bottles and do the same!!
  14. Never used on but I was delivering an ice sculpture to an awards cerimony and heard one in action and was rather impressed. Not sure on model numbers etc, never had time to have a good nosey!
  15. So whats your total budget then, both speakers & amps?
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