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  1. bedfordft

    What Garage?

    i though garage music was only played in a garage so we could shut the large door when we have had enough!! and tech-no well theres tech-no use playing it cause it makes no sence!!! lol
  2. i would be into a visit to devon in june and have a natter with my fellow djs ill look out for more info regards keith
  3. foot note :- just taken booking for nye this year plus 8 to 12 ither booking through out the year! they want us back !
  4. it would have to be as follows:- bee gees this is where i came in barry white you are the first the last my everything abba thank you for the music jimmy ruffin farwell is a lonely sound there you have it!!!
  5. a first class night here in yeovil everone enjoyed the choice of music all night !!! my wife and myselves were guests at the hotel so it ment we could just walk away to our room and clear up before having a breakfast. the feedback was first class and we were applauded at the end!! a real plasure to work for and i do hope we get asked to go back again i now know why i enjoy being a dj!!!
  6. you could try Gary Byrd and The Crown a great 12" in its day Gary was also a DJ for Radio 1 on a Sunday night.
  7. try maplin's they have a good supply of most lamps
  8. have we all as dj's missed out on two points here:- 1) mr stringfellow once said "well if you an't dancing to dancing queen you must be dead" a point that may be we could all learn from, it is still a classic track and will never die i always try and play it, i find it will fill any dance floor mind so will mj's billie jean. 2) we are there to entertain the guests this might not be them dancing but watch your group and learn what records get the feet and fingers tapping. and also remember we all move a a far faster pace now than we did back in the seventies and we dont see family and
  9. hi i still use a 2ft one from maplins as my deck light cost about £15 for unit and lamp, great 70's style effect i love it to bits. will invest in two more to fit to light stands.
  10. well for me i think there would be three tracks as follows;- john miles music, abba thank you for the music & jimmy ruffin farewell is a lonely sound, all showstopping greats!!!
  11. hi im up for it if i can help im based in yeovil regards keith
  12. hi i would be willing to give help i m in somerset (yeovil) and would be willing to give both "on the job" training and what i call behind the scenes work ie how it all plugs togwther and why! regards keith
  13. bedfordft

    My Setup

    hi i work for maplin's and am aware that the set up you have is the one on offer this month, this is a package deal put together by the company so if you have any doubts about its cappablities might i sugest that may be you go back to your store and ask them to contact the product support team who would be able to give you the right answers. although i my self have always used the rule that i would never turn the amp up fully but keep some in hand to cut out the distortion rate, when i started in 1974 i had 125w amps but i would never go over 75w as then i had power in hand for heat and d
  14. bedfordft

    Nineties Music

    Also try looking in Tesco's they have a great selection of 90's cds very cheap
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