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  1. Hoedown Throwdown - Miley Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus
  2. The hall i was in held about 200 people comfortably and the laser filled at least half the ceiling, which was about 3mtrs high 8mtrs wide and 25 to 30mtrs long. on a higher ceiling the effect should be even more dramatic.
  3. Went into Guildford Sound & Light on Thursday and came out with a QTX LS01. On Friday i had 18th birthday party at a local rugby club and was blown away by the difference this little laser made to my setup. Had it pointed to the ceiling, which it filled. It made my acme impossibled look like a toy in comparison. Like i said best £200 i've ever spent on kit. Has anyone else got one of these or similar ? Sean
  4. falcon

    Music For An 18th?

    Try the Kiss 100 fm playlist its what my teenagers listen to. Did a 60th birthday at the weekend with quite a few teenagers and they all loved the cheese Sean
  5. I sometimes help a friend set up her gear for her band. She was getting a buzzing sound once gear was set up. she told me to check the wires in the 13amp plugs, which i did and found the culprit. once tightened the buzzing stopped. Check your cables it might just work.
  6. I have actually got three hard drives 2 x 500GB and 1 x 1TB. (All Seagate) I use the largest to store all my albums and is connected to my home computer, i use it to make playlists etc. and then transfer to smaller drives which are identical. I also use Traktor DJ 3 which can read all iTunes music folders. So to put it simply i make all my playlists in iTunes which Traktor can then read and play. The good thing about iTunes is you only need one original copy of a song but you can have it in 20 different playlists without using up more memory, it just links back to the original song
  7. Once Itunes is installed just keep inserting your Cd's and they will be saved in an iTunes music folder, then in PCDJ just search for new music files or add new folder which would be your iTunes music folder and all your new music should be there. It really is very easy to do.
  8. You can buy a 500Gb external hard drive for about £50.00 at Staples, then just copy and paste. You can then use the external hard drive on any computer
  9. Village People - YMCA Lou Bega - Mambo No5 Gap Band - Oops Upside Your Head Tina Turner - Simply The Best Shania Twain - Man ! I Feel Like A Woman Steps - Tragedy Bon Jovi - Summer Of '69
  10. About 4yrs ago my very normal wife of 25yrs was diagnosed with arthritis of the knee, she was told she would need to have her joint replaced but was too young. She was in an awful lot of pain and the drugs had little affect so she was persuaded by my sister-in-law to have a course of Reiki treatment, after two treatments she started to hear and see spirits. Since then She has spoken to some of my dead relatives and told me things she couldn't possibly know. Until something strange like this happens to you, you won't belive it. ( and her arthritis has disappeared) freaky or what !!!!
  11. Hi, try some of these, they are all pretty good to dance along with. Concrete And Clay Unit Four Plus Two Shakin' All Over Searchers twist and shout Little Richard La Bamba Ricky Valance Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Susie Keep On Running Spencer Davies Group Doo Wah Diddy Manfredd Mann 5-4-3-2-1 Manfred Mann Blinded By The Light
  12. Here are a few that got me on the dancefloor when i was a teenager !!!! The Stomp - Brothers Johnson Boogie Oogie Oogie - Taste Of Honey Happy radio - Edwin Starr
  13. 1. Sweet freedom - Michael McDonald 2. Jamming - Bob Marley 3. Low - Flo Rida 4. That's Entertainment ( Live Version ) - The Jam 5. Just Once - James Ingram 6. Falcon - Rah Band 7. Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding - Elton John 8. Captain Fantastic And The brown dirt cowboy - Elton John 9. What The World needs Now - Tom Clay 10. An American Trilogy - Elvis Presley 11. Ride On Time - Black Box 12. Stomp - Brothers Johnson Title - " Memories Are Made Of These "
  14. We Are The Champions - Queen We Will Rock You - Queen Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
  15. falcon

    21st Party

    Try looking at the Kiss FM website or radio 1 dance singles playlist both have all the latest songs that you can play. You might also want to have a look R&B Yearbook 2008 has some really good tracks on it.
  16. Someone saved my life tonight - Elton John
  17. Thanks for all your help guys. In the end i went with wartime, bigband and a few 60's and a game of bingo. The day went off really well and we catered for 65 people, they all enjoyed it and can't wait until next year Thanks again Sean
  18. I did music after my brothers funeral, he was a huge Weller fan as were his friends. I just played the music he liked and grew up with. The day went really well and had to ask people to go home at 10.30, it was meant to end at 4.30. Just treat it with a little respect as there are some people who don't think you should enjoy yourself at a funeral. Just read the crowd like you would any other gig and celebrate their life.
  19. The majority are between 65yrs and 75yrs. The 93yr old is only coming because she thinks next year she won't be around, she has been saying that for years and is fitter than me. All the 60yr olds we asked thought they were too young to go to a pensioners party
  20. Me and a close group of friends are organizing a belated Christmas lunch for the over 60's at our local village hall, on Saturday 17th january. It used to be held every year and was well attended, i don't know why it ever stopped but am really looking to bringing the old tradition back. To date there are over 60 people attending, the oldest being 93yrs. ( They chose january for the meal as it is normally a quiet month for them) All food and drink has kindly been donated by the local community and no end of volunteers have agreed to help on the day. I'm afraid the budget for
  21. Got my copy from Jock in a box set 3 disc 3. A bit expensive if you only want that track but there are 5 cd's with nearly 300 tracks
  22. Dive Club Dinner/Dance I was asked by a friend to do above gig, unfortunately there was a mix up with dates (on their part) and i have a previous engagement for 13th dec. The Pub has a ground floor function room at rear easily accessed from front car park. There will be about 60 guests (black tie) Starts 7.30pm ends midnight. Background music during meal then speeches till about 10pm. then party!!!!!! Really easy crowd to work for but don't expect too many men to dance Last time i did a gig there i was able to set up in the morning . I did their Christmas party
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