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  1. Well its time to have an big clear out.. Lampo Large Cosmos Ball 2 Rolling Boxes with flight cases UFO's Clay Paky Rango Star Cross Balls Harvesters Switch packs Dimmers Rack case 19" currently housing controller and switch packs Video's on youtube LInk Click here PM me if you are interested open to serious offers
  2. Welcome to the forum and I know where you are coming from with the DMX there are some guys on here that should be able to help or point you in the right direction
  3. Hi You san also get Surge / Spike protectors built in to a multi-way extension lead PC world sell these. Shop about first some will even give you some insurance cover for you equipment but you will need to read the small print to find out if you are covered out of he home.
  4. Getting ready to hang up my headphones..... Well taking some time off to spend with my wife (Who has been seriously ill and still is). Moved home to a Village now slowly selling off some Retro Lighting (If you are interested PM me) Am only commited to a few functions this year but am now doing 2 radio shows.
  5. They are far better programmed IMO. Light Jockey is fantastic and easy(ish) to use you could design what you want the lights to do and run them from a dongle. The guy that has given you the advice is bang on they are not toys and need to treated with respect as parts can be £££ Expensive.
  6. I own and use the SWA1501 which is the 15" version they sound fantastic. I use these coupled with some dB technologies opera 402's and these give a nice clear sound IMO I think you mean SWA1801 not SRM.
  7. I would like to say a BIG thank you to Rob for the post he was bang on and it had nothing to do with DRM. It was down partially to me not understanding the software and how to use it properly. The tagging format was not consistent thus causing some of my problems. Now here is my next problem do I use a PC based controller or do I use a HDD controller. Budget is about £1200 so any tips would be welcomed. Ideally I wouls still like to be able to play CD's as well.
  8. Yes I use DJ PLI Website good honest value for money IMO.
  9. What is DRM protection? This is only part of my collection I still have all of my 7" & 12" singles to rip in real time. 30 odd years of music.....
  10. The main problem is that now I have to listen to 23,000 tracks to check the tags. having spent 3 months ripping I may as well just start all over again. :damn: I am unable to narrow the selection down to who did what as I don't know I just gave them the external HD and the CD's to rip for me. I am toying with the idea now of just paying for digital downloads it may be quicker in the long run but again I run into the time factor. I need 8 days in the week and 26 hours in the day. I am not technically minded with some of the terminology and don't know how to check the route of the
  11. Various from windows media player to whatever people have had installed. They are listed as mp3 but VDJ finds the listing but has either error or just won't load onto the player
  12. I have had family and friends ripping my cd collection for me over a period of 3 months. I have now started to sort out the songs some 23,000 of them but have now encountered a major problem or 2 Some of the albums / songs are tagged wrong i.e Barry Whites greatest hits is the 1812 Overture? Virtual DJ lists the songs but won't play them but windows media player etc will. I am beginning to think that the shift to digital is a complete wast of time and effort having spent 3 moths ripping the songs. What have we / I done wrong? I still haven't been convinced that a shift
  13. :welcome: to the forum Rowley. Nice to have you on board from the otherside :cow:
  14. Do you offer one of these? Well I have just taken a enquiry for a wedding....BUT..... The Bride said out of the 3 suppliers she had call before they all just wanted to provide a In her words" the minimalistic approach" as it is the in thing at the moment. I asked her what was a minimalisc disco her reply was I'm not sure but I think 2 lights small speakers and a DJ and they still charge the same fee. This is only the second time I have come across this are they popular? I have got a meeting with her next week to discuss her requirements in more detail.
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