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  1. I dont really practice anymore as i mix for 4 to 5 days a week while working
  2. Dj_Kray

    VHS-C to PC?

    QUOTE (Gary @ May 17 2005, 02:11 PM) Unless, of course, anyone on the forum has VHS-C playback, PC video IN, DVD-Write, and a few minutes spare.... http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/grouphug.gif (Since I dont have VHS-C playback, I fall at the first hurdle...) I have this function as i edit videos as a bit of a hobby and started with vhs c and still have all the kit i live in portsmouth if your close ill do it for ya
  3. Easy guys sorry if i got some of the new realeses wrong i use Radio 1 and Top of the pops i am sure there are other songs realesed and im sure the sites i use some times get them wrong but seeing as i cant change the poll after i have posted it and seeing as im very busy i don't really have the time to check more sites. As for Max graham vs Yes it is a great song but ill have a fiver says that it wont make no1. Up for it Danno13 http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif
  4. There are stacks of half deacent tunes out this week i think its going to be very hard id like to see GADJO - SO MANY TIMES , Audio Bullys Baby Shot Me Down or BLACK EYED PEAS - DON'T PHUNK WITH MY HEART make it but going on the rubbish that keeps making it to top spot it will prob be the crazy frog or akon will stay for a third week
  5. well dju got it right again AKON LONELY stayed at no 1 the game did well at no4 making it the highest new entry
  6. Well the wise ladies and gents of dju seem to bre going for AKON LONELY but lets get those votes in if you have not voted
  7. Dj_Kray

    Crazy Frog!

    QUOTE (DJ Marky Marc @ May 9 2005, 10:23 PM) rubbish trash pants pure stupidnes,,,,, and a big con... Sums myfeelings up prob make no1 though http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wallbash.gif
  8. Right i think this week will be harder I like the game but doubt it will make no1 and akon could make it two weeks but i have i feeling The Coral In The Morning will make no1 due to the amout of air play its getting
  9. Wow the highest number of votes 25 and at last Amarillo if off the top spot but now it has been replaced by the crap mr AKON LONELY omg how bad is the charts getting http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/wallbash.gif
  10. yeah its the sm 58 for me i could not belive how much it helped my mic work it gave me so muce more confidance coz it sounded so much better
  11. A good 1 for father and bride is my girl by temtations
  12. Personaly i dont think its right as you are there to work its normally only 4 to 5 hour while i agree that we are forced to eat at bad hours its not to long to wait it would be nice though http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/533.gif
  13. QUOTE (John Kidd @ May 6 2005, 09:54 AM) Does anyone know if there are any Mixes out there for this song? The best mix i can think of for this would be to mix the cd up in a bowl of acid http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif
  14. Its ok has some funny moments but i do think they are one trick ponys
  15. Dj_Kray

    DJU Member Poll

    it has to be robbie for djing with
  16. Dj_Kray

    DJU Member Poll

    its the kinks for me great song
  17. ^^^^^^^^^bump^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/biggrin.gif
  18. It very good yes it is very american but that does not have to be a bad thing and like any tv prog it takes a few episodes to get in to and if you watch it all you will genrally like but if you only watch it in bits you wont
  19. http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/533.gif
  20. Now who voted Tony Christie days after the chart was out http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/fish.gif
  21. Wow 18 votes all ready and this must be by the far the clearest vote yet with so many going for akon i have played it once and faded it out with 30 secs to go but i think all the young kids will buy it will we all be wrong http://www.dj-forum.co.uk/html//emoticons/533.gif
  22. sorry i forgot to put on Tony Christie ft Peter Kay (Is This The Way To) Amarillo so if ya think it will stay please post below
  23. Not even looking at how much you charge per mid week gig I would first look at quality of life and djing 5 nights a week would not be good for you social personal life there for to work that many it should be really worth it I dj on ave 4/5 nights a week and it really takes it out of me I was recently offered a reg Monday night and turned it down coz they could only pay the reg club asking fee which would normally be ok but not enough for be to only have 1 free night a week maybe you would end up resenting djing if you never have any free time.
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