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  1. Guetta\Rowlands- when love takes over
  2. First gig in Norway !, May 1982 !
  3. did it at one of he first club gigs i ever did, wouldnt ever do it again. It was not appreciated .
  4. C.S

    Dire Straits

    Right a challenge for you guys ! Have been asked if i know if an instrumental version of dire straits major hits has ever been released. I dont know so i was wondering if you guys know ! i think they are looking for an instrumental version done by knopfler \dire straits. Help ? ps. After the Moby discussion of last month ! The Freemasons have remixed Mobys "Disco Lies" on their album Shakedown 2 and its brilliant. There is also a wonderful remix of Marvin Gayes " Heard it through the Grapevine " on the same album which might be useful for some of you .
  5. I have been lucky here in Norway, no cancellations and an increase in bookings. You UK based djs have my sympathy .
  6. Dont understand the point of that statement , you are always going to find songs and entertainers who sell more or pack the dancefloors more than others. i cant say i play Moby often or that i even like much of his stuff.But i certainly would not say that such a man was un talented .
  7. MOBY - PLAY The album has sold over 2 million copies in the United States since it was released in 1999, and has sold 10 million copies worldwide. Nine singles were released from the album, and seven of them were UK Top 40 hits - the first single was released in August 1998, and the last was still on the charts in three years later. In many ways, this album helped to establish Moby as a mainstream musician. His subsequent albums have been more pop-oriented, frequently featuring his own distinctive singing, often with female vocalists and samples similar to those on Play, as opposed to his
  8. Have you got any examples of anyone who has done anything new in the last decade ? This however is not the point , the point is just as Moby has the right to criticise our industry and we can slag him off, why is it whenever anyone does something slightly outside of the mold of the british mobile dj ,everyone on here comes down on him like a ton of bricks ? Its the same with mixing which has been a part of most full time professional djs lives since the early 80s, on here its nearly always been criticised and deemed unecessary. Fair enough i operate abroad and mic work is laughed at here bu
  9. I turn the music off and say goodnight correct ! Doing wedding number 300 this saturday ! Then its just club stuff for the rest of the year. Thought some of you guys might of used the housemartins which is of course fatboy slims old band . Oh and as usual its the usual" have a go "from you guys who cant respect those of us who dont do things your way ! Shame really cos this used to be such a good place to be .
  10. I dont use a mic and i do stand up as part of my show ! Easy to gee up a crowd without a mic . I wouldnt exactly call dido , fatboy slim nd moby as lacking talent as their achievements show.
  11. C.S

    Gunslinger Or Gunfighter

    thanks ,that helps !
  12. This is one for the older djs ! I have a customer who is looking for music by John Fogerty (formerly of Creedence C Revival) that is released under the name Gunslinger or Gunfighter. Any ideas what it could be?
  13. Norways alexander rybak wins and jade will be top 3
  14. C.S

    Lady Gaga Poll

    Good idea, try it at the next wedding you do
  15. C.S

    12" A-ha Take On Me

    I am not sure that they released a 12" version. I havent ever seen one and i am in the right part of the world too!
  16. havent got any grey hair but it is starting to get a bit thin,i am 50.
  17. personaly i would be asking for advance payment. Ok its one of your biggest customers but if they are asking for longer to pay then they have problems. The danger of you doing the gig and not getting paid for it is there.
  18. tongue out icon I am so old i always call them tracks ! Tunes for me is a cough sweet ! :bouncy:
  19. think you might have to explain that one for me.
  20. Funny how things change ,it used to be the club djs would take the p:cense: out of the mobile boys. Didnt take you mobile boys long to jump on me did it ? second time in a week too ,think i might keep quiet in the future. Thanks to robster though for doing a good mods job !
  21. Never done a diamond wedding,dont think i would either ! Do mostly club work but must admit that both insomnia and sandstorm get played at weddings i do and they work! Its all down to where you play them in your set methinks.
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