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  1. It looks like everyone is trying to do a WDJA thing, and do it better! which shouldn't be that difficult
  2. Hi Pete, is your rig active? 2 , 3 or 4 way Simon
  3. SIGN-Writing DRAFT WORDING " Nice equipment inside that you can use at home, ebay or sell to mate"
  4. Gary, it makes no difference if the amp knobs are all the way up or not. You can drive an amplifier to full power even if the knobs are half way... all these knobs are doing is limiting or attenuating the input. Especially you use a quality desk (like the ones you demo) you can easily drive the amps to full power with the knobs half way.
  5. http://www.dragonspirit.co.uk/mambo/images/stories//2m-black-white%20xlr-lowres.jpg 1 Metre / 2 Metre / 6 Metre available. If you are near CPS in Bournemouth they have some stock of our leads.
  6. So for not doing things when your not at work, like: not doing much coke, booze sex and not throwing TV's out of bedroom windows, you qualify for an OBE... ! sounds about right in this upside down world...
  7. Knocking on heavens doors - Gund and Roses Reasons to be cheerful - Live and let Die - Guns and roses Rotting on the dock of the bay - remixed by the sex pistols For once in my life - Stevie Wonder And as the curtain closes.. the final drum fill from east enders.....
  8. Worlds largest collection of speakers with Piezo horns!
  9. green house heaters. 20 watt or 40 watt. they are white and about 1 metre long.. cost very little to run. place a few in the middle of the gear and the gear will remain warm. spend a little extra for a timer and its cost you almost nothing,
  10. Order- normally 2/ 3 weeks to make an order it can take 1 week to get goods onto the next ship / container then 26 days travelling. Up to 2 weeks in docks. sometimes customs hold containers for "port health checks" Container arrives.. 2 / 3 days to unpack - check and examine contents --
  11. Unscrew the top cap with the mess and form.. spray and allow to dry! the replace cap!
  12. Anyone know of a reliable PAT tester, whom will come out to test without charging the earth in BLACKPOOL? Cheers Lets hope they don't CHARGE the EARTH LOL :joe: :joe: :joe: :dan+ju:
  13. And at the same time you were doing that, I had a transit and 2x 1 1/2 ton trailers. Different markets.. Our minimum show as at least a full transit of kit. Nothing wrong with both stances,,, However, the message that comes out from these forum pages is that many want to put the bare minimum in for the max cash... not the right message to send out to customers or trainee's . What has to happen is people need to understand the type of work they are doing and the limitation son the equipment they have.
  14. How I would do an Ipod wedding if I was the bride and Groom. First I would probably have a set of Playlist. Please remember, I'm a bride and groom planning this 18 months in advance. I would have my Ipod on a remote control so I can adjust volume, move on a track etc etc... If I didn't use a IPOD I would use my laptop and Itunes and have even more control. Itunes would automatic mix the tracks. Background 1, 2, 3. All suitable non offensive stuff to play when we are eating. Then a Playlist with First Dance, followed by a couple more slow ones (
  15. 07000 numbers are charged at national rate. Nothing else.. so. what's the problem. They can't charge any more than this so... were you phoning from a mobile or something else!
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