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  1. SDJ1 and memory cards....only takes up 2u in the rack and you can get 400 songs on one card at 320kps. Paul
  2. Whatever you do..keep calm collected and act proffessionally,try to be helpful and reasonable,If he swears and loses it you have the upper hand. Just explain the contract and come to an arrangement. As mentioned if it a night event only I always ask if formalities are taken care of earlier in the proceedings and confirm with the client at the meeting. Paul
  3. Abbacadabra did an album I only use 2 songs tho ,Dancing queen and Mamma Mia. Paul
  4. Worst song of 2009 was.................every damn song, Especially when our lass tries to sing it in the bathroom
  5. Well the barmaids blind and the punrters are deaf. Hi mitch Long time M8....hope als going well. paul
  6. I had an annoying hum once. I got rid of the roadie
  7. That always ceases to amaze me. PPl work all week ,look forward to the W/E and party, then ask for a song that highlights their week at work in the office,,,,9-5 :shrug:
  8. Ill tell you what I know.Being an X welder arc eye usually takes effect when you look Directly at an unshielded arc welder at a distance of 2 meters.Thats on heavy thickness steel or about 180 amps.(A welder gives out pure UV) If it makes you squint and feels uncomfortable then thats a good case for arc eye. What is arc eye?...The Noooo well its a burning of the retina at the back of the eye magnified through the front lens (like a magnifying glass in the sun) symptoms.... a sandpaper like feeling in the eye and v irritating and lots of watering(this is the retina layer
  9. Oh you mean cheese. :wall:
  10. 3w and more dots. When are we going to get an effect that does gobos and a 50w led? I know theres the I moves but 20w. Paul
  11. Theres some great lasers out there at the moment. Darren @ Discoworld has a great selection of cluster lasers and some animation lasers too which I have purchased. The 3D cluster I use on 1 program as i call it the yaw of the aeroplane wing,this needs no smoke and the beams can be seen clearly through the dust in the air.This was demonstrated at the NE NADJ meeting in Januarry this year.The name of the laser is the Intimidation Illumination 3D. The animation laser i got is a green only but great graphics from a night fever figure to a snoopy dog ,all move too.This is a Kam F40.
  12. Uv light is great when you get paid cash on arrival and in a dodgy area.................................. You can check the reflective triangle at the top of a £20 note fot its authenticity. :dukesy:
  13. Check your Gain stucture too.By this I mean dont have the turny knob gains turned right up on the mike channel.Use the slider for volume. A good mixer to learn gain structure is a Denon x500 as it has leds to tell you when you hit 0db on the input side. also are you using ballanced inputs and good quallity mic cable? Paul
  14. Hi steve,I can tell you that I know someone that has tried a KV2 system and heard it through a Denon X400 a Allen and Heath Xone mixer. He said that the difference was quite staggering and the deffinity of the audio was alot better through the Allen and Heath. The guy who did the demo was John DDJ. Hope this helps Regards Paul
  15. What a fantastic era. every genre imaginable in the charts,Disco,pop,rock n roll,punk,rock,skaa, great times Paul
  16. word of advise..lads of that age tend to ask for songs with loads of swearing in them..be careful. Paul
  17. But Ray yoy can ride a horse and you are strong and tough....oh and u eat white chocolate.
  18. Or the Hk Lucas Max 2000w and 3 compact boxes in one wheel in.
  19. Its on a Mastermix Classic cuts Disc...not sure witch one tho from memory Regards Paul
  20. For sale we have an Alesis USB mixer with effects and 4 xlr mike inputs.it has rotary knobs not sliders and a booth output too.C/W external power supply and box and i think instruction manual. I can deliver for around £10. Any enquiries just PM me Mixer Regards Paul
  21. Tried it.....Got the carpet burns to prove it
  22. well then they wont upstage you when you are wearing yours.
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