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  1. I can do accents quiet well so i just keep passing them round then after about five mins say sorry its not me that you need to speak to but someone else after two or three people they give up and put the phone down. Speaking about pushy foreign call centres my wife hates lloyds as they seem to push things on her that she does not want and its normally india that do it My wife says the woman seem to be the worse for being pushy
  2. It might appear silly but the fact was until they did the checks they do not have a clue if he had a gun or not i do not agree with keeping his DNA though as he has done nothing wrong so they should erase it
  3. I would base it on the venue some people love the DJ to talk others hate it. I would say that most hate it if you talk all over the songs but do not mind if you talk at certain bits of the song. Many DJ have now become scared to talk on the mic thanks to peter kay
  4. Tell us what happened i would not mind it but for the fact that it would be a 4 hour drive to get there.
  5. I think that it rocks to be honest but it did not look like the DJ made a mistake it might be better if the dj interacted more on it making it look like he had done it. Its fun i mean the first dance is always a slow love song and people never say thats dated
  6. Thanks guys I am starting to feel old now though 28 :damn:
  7. Its not giving us a bad name just because he has a lot of driving offences. I know a load of people that work for a mobile phone company that have been banned etc that never appears. not sure how him being a Dj makes a difference i mean i do not book someone to dj my party then ask them whats there driving like
  8. Some of them must be real they can not all be jokes. Off to repair the car now wheres that hammer
  9. Jan is ok for me loads of work but i am tired so refused some to get some well earned weekends off
  10. I would love to do some more radio i did hospital and that went down the pan as senior management fecked it up. I do not know of any here in Stoke but would love to join them.
  11. We do not fight anymore and its down to the fact that we do not want things to effect us. Look at the Post strike people years ago would have back them now they just moan that they do not get there post. I would support a fuel strike again yes it would effect me but i would just have to put up with it.
  12. I love Christmas music so it means that i can put it on earlier and earlier which is great
  13. Quiet for me but December is very busy
  14. Registered for this and got the free adds two within 100 miles and then they already had someone quoting seemed that they had been quoted beer money prices. The other was rubbish so would have wasted £10 there and got nothing from it. Would be better if they took a cut of the final booking then at least you are paying for something that worked
  15. Puddled as a pit pony Thats the one my mum always used to say and we are from Stoke which had a lot of mines not sure if thats where it comes from some mine related thing
  16. I would sing to start things and also if things start to die down i try to join in and have a laugh.
  17. Hmm i have never had that fell out with a landlord once but nothing on this scale
  18. Pint of coke £2.50 (i know thats not massively high but wait for it) It was Cheap coke Lidi coke
  19. The amount of people that tell us how to do our job. We need some comedian to do a joke about a vicar doing weddings and see if people start to say hey i do not want you to do this or that. We as DJ's take this a lot people coming along and telling us how to do our jobs. I think this is the reasons why we need nadj and so so that we can all say sorry but this is full time job and we take is serious and other DJ's in the areas will say the same thing
  20. I would like to know how i use the backup file i have had to reinstall windows after a crash (i know shock horror). When i click the file it opens dj booking but there is nothing there. I have e-mailed them but got no answer so i thought that i would ask you guys I have DJ Booking V2
  21. Not done Same sex yet even though i advistise that i will cater for them. Did have one booked but they canc well they just did not return the deposit and ignore the letters that i sent
  22. I think a van does make the right impression. If you turn up in a small car people might think that you are a bit of a cowboy a bit like the guy that comes to fix you sky turns up in a old sierra. One thing i will say though is that you sell yourself so if you are good then the car does not matter by the end of the night but does not give a great first impression
  23. I see it like Supermarkets some people will shop in lidi the food is not as good as waitrose but some people do not mind that. I am the type that would never shop in a discount store but loads of people will. Waitrose do not say hey we have a cheap range too and local wierdos, They explain why they are better same with marks and spencers they show the food not the price. The only issue that we have which has been said is the fact that we do not want to appear to be harrods (massivly over priced). I have a agency here that will send DJ's out for £90 and it does make me look expensive
  24. At lot of that is true apart from the modern man has more things in the bath room
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