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  1. I've seen several LED based effects and haven't really been impressed with any of what i've seen so far - reminds me of the cheap 50w halogen effects that surfaced in the late 90's. A lot of the venues in Derbyshire are 17th or 18th century with oak lined walls and dark wood stained floors and in these venues, even a 250w ELC based halogen effect can struggle to make its mark. Even a poll on DJU members with LED lighting effects, returned a majority precentage of owners who still believed that they could be significantly improved in light output. LED technology has still got a
  2. In addition, Did you report it to the police? and did you get a crime number? Its not strictly advertising, its simply a law they have to comply with if they are operating any CCTV equipment in a public area, thats why you see them on the sides of buildings from Banks to the Local Co-Op Unless the sign actually stated that footage was being recorded and existed for crime prevention then its probably better to assume that it isn't. I still think they are just operating an ANPR scheme, and even their company website mentions the fact... http://www.eurocarparks.com/services
  3. You are probably not going to like any of what i'm going to say, but chances are they are the things which would be said or asked in any court case should you decide to take the matter further. I'm sure the ECP group have some pretty good legal representation. No, and I have to say this expectation is unreasonable. It was your decision and choice to leave a vehicle full of expensive equipment, unattended, in what is essentially a car park with full public access. Some Dj's have had van loads of equipment, stolen from off their driveways in broad daylight!. Leaving it overnight in
  4. Does the Cortex operate from a seperate external power supply / Mains Adaptor or is the power supply built into the actual unit? I would suspect that the Power Supply is either failing or a component like a Capacitor has failed or gone 'dry' and this is introducing mains and operating interference into the sound chain If the Power Supply is external - i.e like on a laptop, then see if you can get / borrow a replacement of the same voltage and rating and try that. If the power supply is internal and built into the unit, then its probably a case of getting it repaired locally.
  5. The whole tax system in the UK is very unfair to small businesses which are either starting up or barely making a profit. In some other countries the amount which you earn before you become liable for tax applies to both Full Time and Self Employment occupations, so if this fairer system happened in the UK - you could earn £6475 from your day job and upto £6475 from your self employment activities before either were liable for tax. Then again, other Countries don't have our Government :pro: Wasn't the personal allowance going to be raised slowly to a £10,000 ceiling anyway, when is that
  6. I wonder how many of these suppliers would be charging double for an ordinary bank holiday function?
  7. Threat or a Thread?. If you mean thread, then as per the T&C's we don't make a practice of deleting threads on a whim, more so the ones that have been around for ages as it can interfere with the structure of the forum, also any links from other threads and any RSS feed carriers will return 404 errors which can, in turn, be detrimental to our ranking. Any thread or post deletions by Admin and Moderators are each based on their own merits - whether they comply with the T&C's and the strength and validity of any third party complaint arising from them. Besides, if I were t
  8. Lets hope it doesn't last for 'that' long, LOL. Although you never know with these industries and the unions involved. The more immediate issues will be with existing bookings in the shorter term, where its going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to change / add contract terms mid way through, especially if any announced action happens to be just days or hours away. Unfortunately, any direct action strikes and walkouts are more likely to occur in the Evenings / over the weekend, as i'm sure that the Union will want to gain public support and don't want to disrupt manufacturing
  9. Looks like the majority of workers at National Grid will be starting industrial action in the near future, starting with an overtime ban. This could mean that eventually, any action is stepped up to the point where power supplies are disrupted for a few hours on a national basis, which was similar to the 'three day week' which was introduced in the 70's as a result of the coal miners taking similar action. Whilst the initial action may not result in widespread / national outages in the short term as most people fear, it may mean that power failures caused by other factors such as the weat
  10. Good Point. Since the discarded slice of lemon was actually the cause of the trip / fall then clearly the venue need to examine their housekeeping and own safety policies. I suspect the venue is just attempting to pass the buck and that the uplighting operator is just being made out to be a scapegoat, as the client happened to spill a drink / fall onto his property. But it wasn't his fault that the client slipped and spilled their drink in the first place. The client could just have easily have fallen and bashed their head against a chair or table leg, or even the Dancefloor surface. Woul
  11. Because Dj's largely don't like spending their money on anything which doesn't make noise or produce light Personally, I think that the numbers of DJ's listed per region should be limited to a reasonable, but not excessive number. Part of the reason why some Dj's get more positive results from Directories is partly down the listing saturation of their Geographic location and luck - namely luck in how high and close to the top their ranking is in the Directory results listing. This is often why the top spots command a premium 'vip' fee, because the owner knows full well that these are l
  12. Would have been interesting to see whether the venue had a current Electrical safety & visual inspection certificate in force at the time of the accident. I think that wire fuses are frowned upon and actively discouraged in commercial installations, but still just about legal provided the installation is protected by a seperate RCD covering all circuits (apart from fixed wall and ceiling lighting). If there was no RCD to trip (as it seems there wasn't from the description above and resulting damage), then I suspect that the venue would also get its ar$e kicked over this, and probably has,
  13. Thats probably because I didn't suggest that he bought new from either of those entities . The OP, stated on his post that he's open to both new and second hand purchases, I have seen these go for as little as £90 / £100 on the Bay of E if you get in there quick. People are desperate for cash at the moment and some equipment is fetching really good prices (for the Buyer). If you can bide your time, and can watch patiently - you may eventually pick up a bargain. That said, £150 from 'Why Buy New' is a pretty good deal. It may be worth the £50 extra to get a warranty and the
  14. Leaving aside the various advice you've been given, and getting down to the nuts and bolts of it, I suppose it depends on how many venues begin requesting the same requirements from you routinely or whether this is a one-off. If you are charging mega bucks for the event then its probably worth investing in the requirements especially if you think that the tide is turning and its likely to become more popular. Or, you can be honest with the client, explain that you already meet all of the legal requirements as far as Electricial Safety is concerned, you have pli cover and the equipment is
  15. Support your local high street businesses . These print shops are small businesses just like us, often run by families and struggling in a recession. You'll find them in the local free papers, thompson local and Google. They may cost more than 'freebies' from Vistaprint and the like, but aren't we always telling our customers that our fee's are justified and sometimes you have to pay more in order to assure yourself of a better quality?. Time to practice what we preach now we are the 'customer' Besides, if the Netherlands started sending over bulk cheap Dj's to undercut us, the
  16. I wonder if the venue has any history of flooding claims during adverse weather or is at risk of doing?. Sometimes even a past history can influence an insurance companies requirements, and the risk of live floor lighting being partly submerged would certainly fall into IP65 / IP66 Either way, its probably influenced by the insurance companies' stipulation, rather than the venue. Its not unknown for the insurance industry to be overkill and demand the best possible protection available in its cover requirements, after all it doesn't want to be paying out any needless big claims, it is in
  17. Might be of interest to anybody wanting to branch out into the uplighting industry, or just wants some background lighting. These are also fitted with larger 10mm LED's which generally have a better reputation for brightness and output, compared to 5mm types. LED Par 56 Cans with DMX and Stand Alone 'sound to light' options - £25.00 each This isn't a personal recommendation, as i've not tried them myself, nor have I personally used the company before (which seems to be a Thomann Competitor). I just thought it may be of interest, especially to anybody considering a quantity purchase.
  18. Don't know if anybody has used this company, but its a European Music Shop with a similar Ethos to Thomann and similar terms. http://www.musicstore.de/en_EN/GBP/WelcomePage I've got no idea how their prices stack up against Thomann, but its worth comparing like for like before purchasing an item, just in case. More so, as Thomann prices seem to be getting less and less competitive and even some UK retailers are able to price match.
  19. I don't think these requirements are unreasonable. Bare in mind that most insurance companies are dictating the terms which venues have to pass on to their contractors and visiting service providers. Venues are also duty bound to report any accident or incident which may result in a future claim being lodged by a member of staff or member of the public, however minor and whether the injured party wants to take the matter further or not. Perhaps with the growth of uplighting and businesses providing it, that insurance companies have seen an increase in related 'incidents' as a direct resul
  20. Welcome to the Forum Ann :welcome: Depends entirely on the type of 'gigs' you are going to be doing. Younger children have much more sensitive hearing than older teens, and more so if its their first 'proper' disco they have attended. You are not going to need much power at all, for 20 kids in a small hall or school classroom, but bear in mind that kids of this age group also make lots of noise themselves! which your system will need to overcome in order to be heard!. On this basis, something like a 350W x2 or 400W x2 amplifier will probably be more than enough to comfortably handle the
  21. LOL, I always thought that this... Signified casino's and Theatres and Nightclubs and the nightlife and sights on a typical Amercian city street. Basically the glitter and glam of the superstar lifestyle and people seeking such. .......thats another mellow buffet type track heading for the skip then. At this rate, we'll only have Cliff Richard and Take That tracks to play
  22. I don't imagine this track will be on many Couples' request lists either CDmWJbN8bDo
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