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  1. I've targeted my ads very specifically, i.e. to appear within a 35 mile radius of my location only, and on google search (not contextual) I took a few 'broad key phrases' at a higher CPC. plus loads of very targeted phrases at a low CPC, but that will still appear in a top position. All the clicks go through to an appropriate landing page (not home page). Does that sound like a viable strategy?
  2. I've just been revising my google ad words campaign and was suprised at how much the top positions cost i.e. £2+ per click. Is anyone here actually paying this sort of price per click? and more importantly, is it working? Just for the record I have my maximun CPC set at £0.40.
  3. I purchased one a month ago for a project, but haven't got round to using it yet. It did look good when I plugged it in to check it, and the build quality was OK for the price.
  4. disco4hire

    The Music Game

    I'm a believer - Monkeys
  5. disco4hire

    The Music Game

    Black Sabbath - Paranoid
  6. Thank you, it impressed the hirers on the night too, I know what you mean about hiding the cases ect, the guys on the stage supplied the play out kit and I assumed they would have brought a booth with them :aa We did tidy the set up a bit before the gig kicked off
  7. You can get replacement mirrors from most car accessory shops that you can cut yourself with scissors, you would probably get three out of one piece for a fiver, and being plastic they don't break.
  8. Last nights (Fri) Party was my biggest gig this year so far, wet hire PA and light rig for an 18th birthday bash with 300+ guests. A couple of his mates played the music and I did the lights, it was a great party. I got two definate bookings and several enquiries for similar events, all in all a good night. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v132/pe7en/Blog/P10.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v132/pe7en/Blog/P14.jpg The PA and lights being set up and checked, plus the guys mixing the choons Kit supplied: PA - 4 x SWA 1501's and 2 x SA1521's, Lighting - 4 x MX4's, 2 x Acr
  9. disco4hire

    The Music Game

    Billy Don't Be A Hero - Paper Lace
  10. disco4hire

    The Music Game

    Jnr Walker & the All-Stars - Shotgun
  11. No, he's not a DJ, he's one of the wedding party judging by his Moss Bros suit, he's taking a bit of a risk balancing his laptop on a table that small though :scared: Whats more notable is the guests are having a great time by the look of things, which goes to prove they can do it themselves, and the DJ's are expendable :fear:
  12. I had a pair of TXD 115's which I bought to replace the Wharfedale SB15's I was using at the time. I bought them on the reputation of turbosound, and unfortunatley I didn't bother auditioning them properly first. I tried them with a variety of good quality amps JBL MPX600, Citronic PPX 1200 and a Cloud VTX1500 and was very dissapointed with them. IMO there were no better than the SB15's except in looks. I only used them 3 or 4 times before selling them on ebay where they reached quite a good price. I was pleased to see them go.
  13. I wouldn't recommend anything I hadn't tried or used myself, and I have only owned Mackie actives, I have used various passive subs including Wharfedale, Class D, Turbosound, and Ohm, with the exception of the Ohm BR218's, the rest were, IMO, absolute garbage! The Ohm's were fantastic but are big, heavy and power hungry, they're OK if you have a big, strong roadie, but these days I don't have that luxury, any volunteers?
  14. The SWA1501 is very easy to use, you just take two XLR's leads from the CD3Mix's main output to the input of the 1501 and another two XLR's from the Hi-pass output on the 1501 to your existing Amp inputs, it's that simple, the 1501 has a built in active crossover. You can find more details on the Mackie website.
  15. If you're intending to continue to DJ with a laptop and MP3 files you should consider getting a mixer with a USB input and onboard sound cards, instead of using the headphone output, it will sound much better. One of the forum members has one for sale at the moment LINK it will probably sell for £70 - £80 if you're interested.
  16. There's dozens of Peter Kaye tribute jocks doing the rounds, have you never seen one? :eek:
  17. Here's some videos of the lights of yesteryear including a kremesa. Vintage Disco Lights
  18. Personally the first thing I would do is buy an active sub, it would make a massive difference to your sound system. I'd get a Mackie SWA1501 myself, they cost £700 new but excellent used ones can be had for around £400, cheaper alternatives are available. Next I'd do as already suggested and tidy up the 'Look' of your rig, presentation IS important, especially for brides to be. A starcloth is the obvious improvement, NJD do a very reasonably priced wool serge cloth, I'd certainly check them out. Your lights seem OK at the moment, I'd wait and see what develops with LED powered fittings, they'
  19. Hi, Welcome aboard, still awake? yes, some of us are just getting in from gigging and are still hyped. I've just cracked a !L bottle of Bells, and have no intention of sleepimg yet awhile!
  20. They bring back many memories, I saw them at the first Monsters concert at Donnington back in the early 80's, great firework display too, apparantly they nearly destroyed the PA testing it or so I was told.
  21. There's a copy of mine on the new website I'm in the process of building, T&C's are on the drop down list under HOME Clouds Disco
  22. That sounds a bit omnious, do you have just one lead or two? if you have just the one lead with 2 x RCA plugs it will have a single stereo jack fitted which is wrong, you need 2 x mono jacks to connect to your amp
  23. No that wouldn't work, the CD Mix has 2 x male XLR outputs so you must connect to these with XLR female sockets. The Warrior amp has 6.3mm mono jacks and RCA socket inputs, you could use either, so you will need 2 x leads with XLR female to 6.3mm mono jack plugs OR 2 x leads with XLR female sockets to RCA plugs, I would suggest 1 - 1.5M long, but this obviously depends where you want to put the CD Mix in relation to your amp.
  24. 2 of THESE will do the job. You need adaptor leads with 2 x XLR female sockets to connect to the Numark CD1 Mix with 6.3mm male mono Jack plugs or RCA connectors to connect to the Warrior amp
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