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  1. I'm thinking Donna Summer here. Sounds like an instrumental from say "Heaven Knows" or "This time i know it's for real"
  2. Nice one Jeff. My D2 is 2 years old and NEVER let me down, BUT the searching is very slow and the opposite deck to the playing deck "holds on" to the previous track for around 8 seconds. Some tracks take an eternity to load to even after I have rebuilt the library and updated the firmware (and over 3 hard drives!). That aside, the HDMIX has been on my wishlist for around a year now. Plenty of cash in the bank for the purchase BUT I need to be swayed with that £1K price tag!!! Let us know how your first gig goes with it.
  3. This machine was the next purchase for me and had waited around 10 months for it to appear. When i saw the price, I thought it was a misprint. Screen too small, no balanced mic, no ipod direct control. That is a old stock picture to. The production model has a fan on the back panel. I will stick with my D2 Director for now.
  4. I have a pair of BRAND NEW, UNUSED, still mackie boxed, originals and a pair of used originals for sale. PM for more details
  5. I do the seven and mix to Diana - good way to get from 80's to (Motown) soul! as the girls say at the local!!
  6. Years, NOT MONTHS - and that is only when you CORRECTLY declare!
  7. How much do you value your Daughters' Wedding day entertainment?. Mood lighting? DMX No Problem. White cloth. No problem. Starcloth. No problem. ETC. Oh, have you seen me perform before?
  8. I get excited - like i am going on holiday for the first time in ages - the crowd look to me to entertain them and...................ah well!!!!!!!!! I love it. Come on the mic full of beans....break the ice and we're off Have a look at Jon Whittaker's "UTube" student night videos on here. Fantastic. P.S. I don't work for him - but that's what will turn "nerve" into energy!!!!! Mine will be along soon ..............
  9. alicat

    House Arrest

    Plaid it Friday night. First time in ages but it ripped. Not unlike Snap!
  10. Girls Aloud. I can look at their wall poster for hours............. :cense: Oh sorry, musically, Level 42 :ads:
  11. alicat


    Sorry. Off topic a little bit, but you need to spell check your website - if you are going the extra mile, you need to spell Wedding correctly. No licence required for private, NON PUBLIC events - i.e Weddings, private parties etc..
  12. He works hard for the money (obviously)
  13. Yeah thats right. Can't remember the exact routine but it was while pushing the button in/out that the amp died and all the LEDs except "power" were lit.
  14. While you have the SRM 450's running, I dare you to push the auto power off button in and out a couple of times - right before you start the gig so you have time to swap them for something else. Mind you, all the LED's lit up (except power) with NO signal looks nice :angry: I had 3 out of 4 450's die this way. In the bags you could not help to push the switch in/out during transportation and panic at sound check that there was no power! That's doom "n" gloom - Never again. Db or RCF. Full stop.
  15. I always find tracks 2,3,&4 listed above out of the five, people slow dance to them - every time !!
  16. 'ere Nik. Jive Bunny Summer Party 2008 is out now (just in case you are interested!!!) LOL :dan:
  17. He should have a joint holiday with the guy from Numark. They could get an all inclusive. Director D2 swears i don't have "can't speak french" but I know better!!! No matter - latest firmware/library
  18. Tinny then check the Pannys HD for something I haven't watched. Friday it was Battle of Britain. last night, the conclusion!!
  19. "2 of ebay" one is enough for me!!!!!!. How are they performing?
  20. alicat

    Gallagher & Lyle

    Our local pub still serves it. £2.60 house double
  21. Ed. I said that a few weeks ago. Trouble is, no-one has £1750 to invest in a pair. "Edit" Ignore the Mackie SRM 450 v2 - don't press the power/active button "in" whilst powered on people - Db all the way..........
  22. Yeah i use two. Side by side on STL setting. Bright enough for me?
  23. Awesome speakers. 131db !!!!. Lightweight 750 RMS (each). Was going to get ART 10P like you but am saving for the 522's
  24. I use a sub 05 and a pair of opera 210's. The sub is awesome - shakes the whole room - and easy to carry. It has a stereo crossover built in or you can just go parallel. I paid around £650 for the lot with a 2 year warranty.
  25. I had the same problem then I bought the USB headphones. Work a treat.
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